Junk in the truck ( of my smoker )

Discussion in 'Pork' started by realtorterry, Dec 20, 2011.

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    So as some of you may know, I recently am the proud recipient of a new 18.5 WSM. I have seasoned it & am trying to get it all good in time for my Christmas ham. So this week, being a little short on cash, I rummaged the pantry. I found the following


    I know, I know your all jealous!! Does that DAK actually say Premium??

    This is what I put on them


    The waiting game


    Patience is rewarded ( KINDA )


    A close up just cause you know you want it!!



    So this is what learned. The WSM ROCKS! Started with about 1/3 of a ring & it EASILY went 7 hours. AT 7 it was just getting to 200, so I thought I would see if after 7 hours I could bump it up. BARLEY open a bottom vent & it went right back to 225 AFTER & HOURS>

    Here's my  only complaint. Its very hard to bring DOWN in temp & IF you put too much wood in ( did I just say that ) its hard to go back in & pull it out or out it to the side.

    Other than that, I love the WSM & cant wait for the Christmas ham!
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    Now those almost look like spam fresh out of the smoker. Now I'm glad that you liked it too.
  4. fpnmf

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    Looks great!!

      I think I told ya about that getting it too hot outa the chute stuff...

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    Looks like you are getting the hang of it and will be a pro in no time 
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    Did you run the WSM with an empty pan?   It's harder to bring back down once you overshoot with a dry pan that with the other options.   Without something to help moderate the temp swings (water, dry sand, bricks, saucer base, etc....) about all you can do is close down the vents more to choke back the oxygen supply and dampen the flames.  Just don't let it go too far or you will swing the other way and head towards snuffing the coals out.

    Keep at it, as the WSM is pretty forgiving and is very consistent once you figure out how a certain brand of lump or briquette will perform.  Once you get it perfect, it's a breeze to repeat, and repeat, and repeat....

    Oh and the "premium" part of the ham means it comes with extra jelly in the packing.  [​IMG]

    I've never tried the smoked spam, but I have read several posts that say it's pretty decent (much better than it sounds...)  How did you like it?
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    The ham & spam look good!

    It will take a couple of smokes to get the fire built right, because as you have said it's easy to bump the temp up.

    But if you overshoot it, it takes a while to get it to come down.
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    Thanks guys! I am haveing fun with the new WSM. The ham came out ok for what it was. The Treet, well, I usually put brown sugar & chipoltle's on it. This time I tried sonmething different & its not for me.

    Craig, you you did warn me about bringing it down & it is a little difficult, but I'm sure with more practice It'll get easier

    Dave, I did fill the pan with water, but now that you bring it up? I never did check it again??

    Gary, this thing would may anyone a pro! It's too easy!! I'm feeling brisket in January!!!

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