Jerky Meats

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Smoke Blower
Original poster
Jul 12, 2006
Nanticoke PA
I have been viewing the threads about making jerky and what " meat " to use, listed below arethe particular cuts referred to in the threads and there tenderness.

Shoulder..........This piece of meat is going to be the toughest of the bunch
Anything from the front of the animal ( shoulder,chuck ) will
potentiallly the toughest.

Bottom Round.. This piece of meat will be the next toughest, it comes from
hind of the animal and is sometimes referred to as the
outside round, as with the shoulder, the bottom ( outside )
round has more movement when the animal moves, this
making the muscle tougher

Eye round........ This piece of meat also comes from the outside round,
but is more tender than the bottom round.

Top round....... This piece of meat will be more tender than the bottom, it
comes from the hind of the animal and is referred to as an
inside round, as with the name inside relates to less
movement on the animal making it more tender.

Sirlon Tip
(Knuckle)....... This is a piece of meat is often over looked. The solid side of
Sirloin tip is a lean and tender cut that would work well for
Jerky. The Knuckle connects to the bottom( outside round )

Sirloin top butt........ This piece of meat has sadly not been mentioned. This
particular piece of meat is the intersection of the hind and
middle( loin) of the animal. If you have the opportunity to
buy the silver side ( solid muscle side ) of a sirlloin, you
will not be disappointed in its tenderness.

Flank ............. Flank steak comes from the loin section ( middle )of the
animal, less movement, more tender.

Stir fry meat..... Usually made from any portion of the round, meaning it could
made from a bottom, top, eye or sirloin tip. It's basically a
crap shoot as to what a particular store may be cutting at
the time. You may find the product used is a little less
consistant than you may like. It is usually more expensive
because of the convenience of already being cut for you.
Thank you for that pertinant info, I didn’t really know that. It will be a big help! Salute!
While tsulcoski is mostly right ,the piece he refers to as the sirloin tip is actually called the sirlion butt,while the sirloin tip is located down the hip of the animal at the top of what would be it's knee.
The sirloin butt is much more tender (and costly ) while the tip usually contains less fat ,which is desirable when making jerky.
Shoulder cuts would be far too fatty ,the best bang for your buck ,while producing a top quality jerky,without too many little pieces would be the inside or top round...while the outside and eye of round would work just as well.
Hope this is of some help to all.

Your right, in my hast to put it all in the computer i inadvertantly mislabeled the top butt as a tip. its coreected now.
I prefer eye of round to all other cuts. Mainly because it is not
too tough nor too tender. I believe if the jerky is too tender
it's more of a bite, chew then swallow type experience. Jerky should
be chewed, gnawed or whatever and savored to extract all the moisture and flavor you can possibly get. You know, get the saliva glands working.
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