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  1. Hosting for a site as large as this one isn't that cheap. Usually requires a dedicated server and a decent amount of bandwidth. Enjoy using it for free, though.
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    No desire to start a whizzin' match.  this site is a bit different than others you are likely used to and everyone gets along quite well on here.  Plenty of room for bickering back and forth on those "other" sites and it seems some of 'em do it quite well and often.

    Happy smokin[​IMG]
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    Why can't it be both?  

    Many of us who love these forums have gladly paid the price because we don't mind supporting the site.  And...we also get a couple of great recipes out of the deal.  I've been making homemade rubs and sauces for years, and IMO Jeff's recipes are as good as any out there (the sauce recipe is my all time favorite).

    And I don't have a problem with Jeff being a capitalist...nothing wrong with his enterprises earning him a decent living.

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  4. Seems profit is a dirty word these days.
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    We have all searched the Internet for ways to expand our knowledge of this very subject. We have all stumbled across this website and found articles that have sparked our interests. There is a huge amount of information on here that is no cost to you and there is no pressure to buy anything. When you feel comfortable, you can purchase at your discretion. There is lots of free useful information on here from people trying to better their skills and share their knowledge. If you wish to pay that is at your discretion. I feel the money will go to keeping this free, knowledge free.
  6.   I have not yet purchased Jeff's recipes. I probably will eventually. I do enjoy this forum so much though that I became a "Premier Member" just to help support the site. You don't really get much for that except that warm, fuzzy feeling from doing a good thing. Glad to have "Premier Member" next to my name.

     Thanks Jeff.

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    Wasn't trying to stir the pot.  I'll leave it be.

    I do enjoy the site and appreciate the work that goes into it.

    I will consider donating in the future.

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    Good on ya mate. Important detail here that you might have missed though is that both those recipes are actually worth 20 bucks. I say that because I bought them mostly just to help keep this website free and because I enjoy it so much. But once I made the rub and sauce I knew I had made a good purchase. Everybody loves it in my family that is for sure. Good stuff man.
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    this site is super huge and most likely is a full time job to keep up and running dude. Not to mention the sheer number of subscribers worldwide. small price to pay. no free lunch.
  10. I used Jeff's rub on chicken tonight. I coated the bird and put it in the oven at 325° for 3 hours tonight. It was absolutely delicious. I decided not to use the smoker because it was 9­° out this afternoon and I wanted BBQ chicken. It's worth every penny spent for the recipe, IMHO.
  11. Though they are simple, they are good and it does help pay for this place.

  12. I wish I had  every $20 back I have spent in a lot of other places in my life where I did not get as much in return as I have gotten here.  Even when I was purchasing a "hold in your hand" product. 

    A small contribution of $20 to minutely help keep this site up and running seems to be a very small donation for the great information and view others experiences.  I now know in detail why my smokes have consistently been better since I started looking at this site.

    Wifey commented that I seem to not minding the smoker as much as I used to.  I said "you do not have to, if you know what is going on inside" 

    Jeff's rub and BBQ sauce recipe were just a bonus.  Actually we have merged our rub with Jeff's  rub (they were similar) and like the end results better.  We do still need to mix up a batch of his BBQ sauce.  We are trying to use up the store bought we have in the cabinet first, as we might be tempted to throw it away if it is as good as his rub.

    A comment I would like to make about this site.  This is the most friendly, helpful site I have ever been on.  Most other sites have a group of people that are scouring the posts to pounce on anyone who misspells a word, errors on punctuation, is not perfect with their grammar, or is a newbie and asks a basic question because they want to know and learn.  Everyone here just sucks you into conversations and make you feel welcome. 

    Also, thanks to Jeff, and all his helpers for all their work and moderation.  My hat is off to all of you.
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    Well said 801, I agree with ya completely ! Yeh, ya better use up that Q sauce before trying Jeff's cause ya will not wanna go back to it. Never could find a Q sauce I truly liked til I made Jeff's recipe and now that's the only Q sauce that's used in the house. Rub is the bomb too. I'am just gettin ready to send in a contribution up and above the rub and sauce recipes. I think it is called "Premier" membership and for a small fee we can all do this. I will gladly pay a small fee each year to soak up all this invaluable info, plus make some friends along the way.... I just truly hold in sincere regard this forum and all the other members I talk to on here that do as well. Awesome place to be.... WHB
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    Sorry, havin one of those days. Didn't mean to quote 4 times... Dang, need a beer and go to bed. WHB
  15. Here's the truth from a guy who vends.  I've bought all kind of cookbooks from all the leading circuit guys.  Jeff's recipes are the ones I use faithfully.  His are #1 hands down.  The best money I have spent on recipes and my customers LOVE the flavors.  If you have a problem paying for these quality recipes then I urge you to go to the grocery store and buy a rag magazine at the checkout counter with some recipes that are "to die for" and see what you get.  Jeff's recipes rock and are a great value at twice the price!!!
  16. I'm pretty new here, but I did buy the recipes.  This site probably saved me more than the cost of the recipes on my first smoke, using what I learned here helped me turn out a descent and edible meal.  Had I not learned what I did here that meat might have been trashed because this site made me realize many of my first thoughts would probably be disastrous.  For instance, I thought the more smoke the better, I would have had it billowing out as much as I could, not good!  So, for me, $20 well spent with a two recipe bonus.
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    Jeff's rub was worth the $20 to me.  I've used it on ham and chicken.  Will be smoking some wings this Sunday with his rub.
  18. I was glad to help the site.  It is a simple recipe, so simple that it is very good. 

    I used it on chicken and it was wonderful.  We use one that is very close to his for pork shoulder roasts. 

    I think the money spent was well worth it.  the knowledge here is incredible and the support and encouragement is awesome.  I just can't get over how buying a small smoker has led to so many good things and this place!  I feel as though I have gained many friends with so much knowledge about this hobby that I can skip many of the mistakes since I am starting later in life and enjoy the good part right from the start. I have had a running start so to speak.

    Thank you Jeff for this site and the great recipes. 

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    You are spot on Mel, however I just wanna point out that the" premier membership " is available to all who participate on this gem of a site. I, myself am becoming a Premier Member just because I want to give just a little back to ALL THE INVALUABLE INFO I have received from this awesome forum. Of coarse being humble, this site does not ask for anything and such the Premier Membership gets kinda overlooked. So, if ya love this forum like I do, just a FYI for ya !! Justin
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    While I am neither a premier member nor have I purchased Jeff's Rub or sauce, I have purchased numerous products from Amaze so fell like I am supporting the site by supporting sponsors.

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