jeff's rub and sauce recipes

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You will be pleased Chris. I suggest you go lighter than suggested with the rub the first try and see how much you'll be needing.

You can almost drink the sauce though! Yummmmmmm
I ordered them too. I have tried both and I LOVE the rub! I made the sauce yesterday and I used garlic powder instead of the fresh and only added a bit of the powdered "spicy" stuff..None of the liquid.. Wife said it was good, but it didn't have enough zing. I thought it was great. So, I'll have to make 2 batches. One for the zing and one with just the right amount of zing for me..
i may have to do jeff's stuff too - i know my tried & true spices(chris knows fiesta spices -being from texas)but i do like to try new things,i'm really gearing up for full on festival season- i've never really got into comps. but i've fed over 2,500 w/ my self & 1 server,3 years running ...and cook 3 meals a day for 5-35 people.this should be cake right ??? anyway... stay tuned for the link & the recipes for the peat smoke thing....
well, i made them both yesterday, for the 2 briskets i smoked. i sampled a piece of brisket while i cutting it up- delicious. i sampled the sauce as i was pouring it into a jar- will be my sauce from now on. my BIL laughed when i told him i paid $19 for both recipes. when he tasted the brisket he said, "maybe it was worth the money afterall". he thought the sauce smelled good while it was simmering; the wife did too. i was making her so hungry last night, what with all the smells i ht her with. no matter where you were in the house you could smell mesquite, the rub, and the sauce.
Ok friend here's that endorsement you want be sorry I use both all the time. That BBQ sauce is even good on ribeye steaks.
marvin, i plan on keeping a jar of it made up all the time. never know when i might want to put it on something.
Well, after hearing all the chatter about Jeff's magic recipes, I went and did it... I ordered them.
Now I can't wait to get them!
I'll say it again, THAT STUFF IS THE BOMB!!!!! I use both of them on somemany things. At first I was worrying how long you could keep the sauce for. Yea right.... I'm always making it. I'm up to 3x'sing it now.
For anybody else who is thinking about it. It's not a risk, it's just DAMN GOOD STUFF!!!!
i think it is the bomb too. the guys at work, i smoked the 7-lb brisket for, thought so too. they were all saying, "good job, harper". (we have alot of chris' at work, so we all go by our last name.) they loved the brisket, and the sauce. i used jeff's rub on it, and his sauce for the bbq sauce, served on the side.
I also purchased both recipes. We have only tried the rub and it is very good. I have used it on ribs and on a pork shoulder this past weekend. Everyone loved it. It took a lot longer than we expected but was well worth the wait! We will be doing more of the pulled pork in the future. I also would like to thank DeeJay Debi for her info. After eating the pork, I know why she considers this to be one of her favorites. is reader supported and as an Amazon Associate, we may earn commissions from qualifying purchases.

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