Jeff's Amazingly Tender Brisket Raging Success!!!

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Nov 18, 2023
Gulfport, MS
Jeff's Brisket Tutorial

Jeff, I did your exact recipe for my first ever brisket.

I used a 12lb Prime brisket I got at Sam’s Club. Injecting does make a bit of a mess, but ohhh so worth doing in terms of the juiciness and tenderness.

I cooked mine on Nexgrill Oakford 790 @ 200-210F for 8 hrs–it got to internal temp 165-170F then put in covered aluminum pan (more of your original rub & beef broth) with temp probes and cooked between 180-215F for another 9-10 hrs because of the timing I needed, then wrapped in 3 layers of foil, put in insulated cooler with old blanket for 4 1/2 hrs, and was still plenty hot for serving after all that time.

The au juis after fat removed was indescribably good, and plenty of it using this recipe. Everyone, including hard core brisket aficionados were truly blown away at how flavorful, juicy, tender, and with a great smoke ring and bark.

Bravo at your sharing this technique for us newbies. I cannot imagine cooking it any other way. Several other briskets I have had elsewhere are much too salty on the bark, and dry, so this is a wonderful outcome.


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I was glad to see it turn out with having to slow down the second stage cooking so it didn't hit the 203F internal too soon before being served. I started the first 8 hr cook at Noon, and essentially dropped Oakford temp to 180-200 from 9pm until 8am during second stage while I slept. Kept in insulated cooler from about 8am until 1:30pm and served at 2pm on New Years. Good to know you can delay cooking with this injected recipe. Not sure if it would have been as juicy with non-injected method. is reader supported and as an Amazon Associate, we may earn commissions from qualifying purchases.