January Chicken bbq and Jam session

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Mr. Ed our guest blues guitarist and Peggy with ally gator the back yard mascot, I'll let yall figure out whose who.
somewhere between the cold beer and home made wine I forgot to post more pics so these are late.

The munch hounds started getting restless so I threw some already smoked deer sausage to heat up and carved it up för  "cappytizers"


Always willin to try something different, we put some saurkrout our daughter made and sent us in a pan and spread it out and stu ck it on the smokey side of the pit.  It warmed up and picked up a hint of smoke and went great with the sausage.

One of the other forums I frequent hada post about ice fishing I posted this pic and tod um this was ice fishin Cajun style.  Fishing for a beer in an icy box.

Yall always fussin at me cause I get carried away and forget to get the money shot.  Well it happened again but atleast this time I remembered to take it.   well Ed done drug out a slide for theguitar and he is hollering at me to drag out a harmonica so pity the neighbors and here we go partying on into the night.
Looks like a good time to be had by all! I remember doing this with friends over on 308 years ago. Always started as a BBQ, ended up everyone with guitars pulled 'em out and wed have to send the girls out for more meat and beer.... Lots of Friday and Saturday nights spent on the front porch.

Just wondering how many years have your banana's gone without freezing? Maybe this next year we'll see a real reduction in bugs, maybe, possibly, could be.

Looks like fun.
       not sure on da naners Foam its been a few years.  Last year we got like 3 big bunches.  Soon as it dries up back there I'm gonna take them all the way to the ground and let them start over.  Seems like they freeze like once every 4 or 5 years on average and its a good thing makes ém easy to cut back
It was so much fun we did it again Saturday with spare ribs and Red fish.

I am kicking ma self that I forgot the video camera but again maybe das a good thing for yall.
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