Pulled pork stuffed poblanos, chili lime chicken fajitas, charro beans

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May 25, 2019
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Sorry this is going to be a long thread. Started the weekend smoking a pork butt, seasoned it with Oakridge BBQ dominator rib rub, Santa Maria rub and some of home dehydrated poblano pepper powder.


Set the 22" kettle up with a snake, with Cherry and hickory chunks. TBS flowing about the yard, pic taken while we were in the pool with the first couple drinks. A peach ghost pepper plant is in the foreground.

8 hours later and 2 extensions of coals we were at 200 deg/probe tender. Rested for a couple hours while we went across the street for some more drinks.

Pulled great when I returned

OK, so that was Saturday, Sunday was PP stuffed poblanos, chili lime chicken fajitas and Mexican charro beans with a cherry tomato, fresh mozzarella, cucumber salad.

Mexican charro ( jcam222 jcam222 ) beans has certainly made the rounds here. Quick highlights, 2 cans of black soy beans, cumin, packet of Goya Sazon, garlic, onions, chicken broth, charred & peeled, poblano peppers, bell peppers, cooked chopped bacon (mixed in) can of Rotel diced tomato with green chilis. I put a some SF bbq sauce to sweeten it up and a few uncooked slices of bacon across the top and into the smoker 275 275 for 3 hours....ignore my feet in the bottom of the pic...lol

Made a mixture of cream cheese, Sazon, cumin, chopped garlic, sausage, yesterdays pulled pork and Mexican cheese for the stuffing of the poblanos... tx smoker tx smoker made me do this..lol

Sliced (kind of made a door) and took out the membrane and seeds of the poblanos...tip, try and get the fullest peppers you can and not the flat ones. Makes it easier to stuff.

Wrapped in bacon, needed toothpicks to hold the bacon on, this bacon did not want to cooperate.

Smoke rolling on the MES with apple/cherry pellets in a tube. Needed the PID to hold temp as we were entertaining and in the pool, otherwise would have loved to use the kettle.

Peppers only needed 2 hours so I had to put them in a warm oven till dinner.
Went to the griddle to cook the chili lime chicken, onions and peppers. There is nothing better than a hot griddle to cook this kind of meal.

Peppers and beans done, I did do a quick broil in the oven to do final crisp on the bacon as my MES will not fire up hot enough.


Full plate with of course some ghost pepper salsa, fresh made quac etc....

Needed a cut shot of the poblano, really the star of the dish

Poblanos are rapidly becoming my favorite pepper (have not tried or found hatch peppers that BrianGSDTexoma BrianGSDTexoma keeps talking about) I even dehydrated 6 poblanos and made them into a powder for future use.

This was a great meal all around enjoyed by all.
Looks fantastic! Poblanos are a great pepper to stuff for sure. You may have made those charro beans more than me at this point haha. Have you trained ancho ( dried poblano) in any of your cooks?
Looks fantastic! Poblanos are a great pepper to stuff for sure. You may have made those charro beans more than me at this point haha. Have you trained ancho ( dried poblano) in any of your cooks?
No have not tried ancho...I dehydrated and ground 6 poblanos is that the same as ancho powder?
Appreciate the long write up. Lots of really good info. Just an incredible meal and even better cook. Well done, big points.
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