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Discussion in 'Pork' started by backdoc425, Aug 19, 2017.

  1. by my nephew on a blind pulled pork taste test.

    So here's the deal.... my nephew did a 15lb butt last night for a picnic today.  I'm doing an 8.5 pounder for tomorrow.

    He's bringing his leftovers to fry up and go up against my fresh-outta-the-smoker-pork.

    As I type this (at nearly 6PM), my pork is rubbed (Jeff's rub) and resting in the fridge.  I'm going to put it in my MES Sportsman around 10 tonight with my AMNPS and am counting on it being done for around 1pm tomorrow. 

    So, any additional pointers to help me come out on top? [​IMG]

  2. chef jimmyj

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    Hit the pork with some of this...JJ

    POP Sauce

    2C Cola

    1/2C Apple Cider Vinegar

    2T Rub, whatever's on the meat.

    1T Mustard

    1T Molasses

    1T Colgin Hickory Liquid Smoke (optional)

    Add all to a pot and bring to a simmer, for 5 minutes. 

    For Finishing Sauce, keep warm and add to meat.

    For Marinade, cool for 30 minutes the refrigerate until cold.

    Marinate meat overnight.

    For Glaze, reduce over low heat until syrupy. Brush over grilling meat and caramelize.

    Enough for one average butt.
  3. pit 4 brains

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    Reserve the "money muscle" aka the "faux loin" for him for sure. If you look at the side of the butt with the blade end to the left, it will be the large muscle on the right. You can trim the other meat and fat around that particular muscle while leaving it attached to the butt. This will allow for better bark and flavor to get to that particular piece of meat. I don't have a pic for you unfortunately.
  4. Chef Jimmy:  Thanks for the POP Sauce recipe.  With all the hustle of putting together a b-day party tomorrow morning, I hope to give it a whirl.

    P4B: Don't worry about the pic ... I saw one earlier so I know what you're talking about!  Thanks!

    Well, I did a 2nd layer of rub after the initial got all nice and syrupy.  It's now in the smoker and I'm gonna babysit it for a couple of hours just to make sure my AMNPS stays lit and I don't lose my TBS.

    I'll try to put up some pics

  5. SmokinAl

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    Sounds like a great start!

    Good luck!

  6. ab canuck

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     A good old fashioned throw down.... I like it...  Going to stay tuned on this one.....
  7. 3montes

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    Pan your butt at 165 internal. Do not cover. Add 8 ounces of dark beer or so to the pan. Keep a eye on it so it doesn't evaporate out add more if needed. Keep it this way until target temp of 205 or so. Rest for as long as possible. Pull the pork in the same pan and it will absorb all the juices and the beer. Finally add a little more rub before serving. Congratulations you just won![​IMG]  
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  8. Shoot .... No dark beer (and there usually is). Trying to please the crowd so all I have is Stella & Leinenkugel Summer Shandy.

  9. GaryHibbert

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    This sounds interesting. I'm in.

  10. Ok so here's where I'm at....

    Stuck in the mother of all stalls at 163 - 165. Butt is now in a tray. No dark beer to be had so an improv of Gossling's Dark Rum and a little Coke. Smoker at 260. Due to be served in 2 hours

    It's official ... I'm flying on a wing an a prayer. If I lose I'll never hear the end of it LOL!

  11. rickplaysbass

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    If it's gotta be done on time wrap that sucker and get that oven fired up. Just hope your smoker did enough while it could.
  12. This sounds like one helluva roller coaster ride.  Can't wait to see the results!
  13. schlotz

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    Well, how'd it turn out?
  14. Here's the outcome...

    Despite putting the butt in a pan and foiling it then raising the temp of my smoker (MES 30 Sportsman) to 275, the IT of the butt never got above 174 (after moving the temp probe to a different part of the meat).  So it was finished (panned and foiled) in the oven at 350 (bringing the IT to 197) for about 20-25 minutes.  Mind you, it went in the oven after about 15 hours in the smoke and never budging from around 170.

    For all intents and purposes, it was a tie.  From what I gathered, the party-goers liked the texture of my nephew's pulled pork and the flavor of mine. 

    On to the pics:

    Probed after about 10 hours in the smoke.  You can see the second probe of my Maverick in the background.

    Ready for  pulling and a kiss of sauce.  I have to say, I was pretty pleased that I did get a decent looking bark.

    In the final analysis, I suspect my MES was just not providing enough heat to get the IT up to the 195-200 target.  I had 2 other temp probes dangling in the box both reading between 250 & 254 while the electronic controller said I was at 275.  So, is it the heating element?  The thermostat?  Or, in my attempt to get a good draw for the AMNPS, did I have the chip loader pulled out too far?  It's a mystery.

    Thanks for all the input, I appreciate it! [​IMG]

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    Input! Delicious!
  16. ab canuck

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    Looks good!!!!  Point

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