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Jun 22, 2007
Brandon, Florida
First off, good morning to all.
Well Saturday I unpacked the new smoker/grill, the Chargrill Super Pro with SFB! It went together quickly, anout two hours.
I used the furnace cement between the SFB and cook chamber as well as on the smoke stack. I put 2 additional thermometers in, anout an inch to inch and a half above the grill grate one on the left and on on the right, and left the original intact. In order to do the stack mod I'll need to remove the warming tray which will come later as well as the baffle. Then I coated the inside all over with veggie oil, canola to be exact and let it sit in the garage overnight. Alice, my wife, had an interesting question, why did HER car have to sit outside? I explained, since it's my grill my car and grill have to sit together to get to know each other, you see, the car will bring home the food that the grill will smoke or grill ! Then I started WW3
. I took the cast iron grates and put them in the oven to burn off any residue, it smelled and the whole house rebelled.

Then first thing Sunday I rolled the "Black Beauty" out to the front lawn and started her up! I put a fire in the SFB and the cook chamber to season her up and play with it! Well, I found keeping the temp between 200 and 325 was not too overly hard, hope this holds true when I do the real thing. I used Royal Oak Briquetts (I will use lump when it's for real) and I last fueled it at 11:45am and just let her go hoping to be done by 3. Not so fast big boy
At 5:30 it was still going strong, temp at 225 and some coals still burning, so I pulled the drawer out and dumped them on the ground and put them out with a hose, repeat for cooking chamber fire. Out of a 20lb bag I still had 9.5lbs left, not too bad. I wanted to let it cool and cover it before dinner. Well at 3 Alice goes out, Jim goes and gets the cast iron grates, pre-heats the oven to 300, coats the grates with lard and in the oven to season, 2 hours at 300, the recoat and 1 hour at 200. Removed them just before the wife returns
and I quickly turn the oven to "clean." First question, "what are you up to?" ahhh, nothing, just wanted to give you some help
Then Black Beauty got all covered up with a cover that fits like a glove, rolled to a space by the other grills and put to bed!

My wife thinks the smoker/grill is "cute"
She'll think it is a gift from Heaven when she tastes the great "Q" you make on the new smoker...

Looking forward to seeing pics of the great "Q" you will be making soon...
Congratulations on your new baby! I have one also, which I have lovingly "pimped out".

You will find that you can keep the warming rack if you bend the vent tubing immediately toward the front of the lid and keep it tucked in the corner of the lid. I made a small clip at the grate end of the tubing and attached it to the side of the lid.
I'd love to see some pics of the mods.
Here's a link to adding the baffle and tuning plates: . I found that the baffle works great, but the jury is still out on the tuning plates. I haven't quite got the hang of them yet...

Here's a link to the installation of the dual thermometers:

Attached are a couple of pictures of the chimney mod and the handle mod.

Also, I replaced the tiny wheels with air filled hand cart type wheels, plus added two more to the other two legs. I don't have a picture in front of me for that...

I think the two most effective modes were adding a baffle and extending the chimney down to the grate surface. That really helped even out the temps. The dual thermometers are great for keeping tabs on temps end-to-end in the main chamber.

Any questions, just give me a holler!
Mr HH. is that dryer vent I see? I tried to get some flashing, but you gotta buy a whole roll. If it is I'm gonna try it! I did install the thermometers, they look just like yours, got them at HD for $7 and change.
Yes, that is 3 1/2" flexible dryer vent, clamped to the chimney stack. Lowes or Home Depot will have it. I think total cost was 8 or 9 bux...
welcome to the forum!! You will be right at home here. Modding your new smoker out of the box. Most people dont have the guts for that...
Waiting to see picks of the mods....

Smoke on
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