It's all over now except for smoking.

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Original poster
Nov 24, 2016
All the holiday summer sausage is stuffed. All there is left is to smoke it tomorrow.

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You are going to make someone happy at Christmas.      I like your casings.     Did you get from The Sausage Maker?
Sorry guys busy holidays and all. I did make some people happy. However the casings did not stay red within the smoker. Probably would have if I had baked them instead. I got them from butcher packer supply. I used their Hunters Summer Sausage blend. 12.5.# pork butt and 12.5# venison. Came out very well, a little salty to me but lesson learned dont forget to do a taste test. I forgot. Overall the flavor is great. Turned out awesome smoked with oak and pecan to an internal temp of 155 then cold water bath.
Here's the money shot

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