Italian Loaf

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Dec 14, 2013
OFallon Mo.
Stumbled across a new recipe and method for Italian bread . I've made it 4 times with pretty consistent results .
2 cups warm water
1 3/4 oz. cake yeast . ( I used 5 tsp dry )
5 3/4 cups bread flour
1 TBLS Brown sugar
2 Tablespoons olive oil

Egg white
Sesame seeds

Bloom yeast in the water , then add the flour and sugar and mix until the dough starts to form .
Add the oil , then the salt and continue mixing . About 10 minutes or until it comes together .

Let it rise . About 1 1/2 hours , then flatten it with the palm of your hand .
Roll from one side and pinch the ends shut as you roll . Seal the bottom and set aside to rise .

Pre heat oven to 425 . I use a ceramic stone .

After the loaf has doubled in size , brush with egg white and sprinkle with sesame seeds .
Cut vent holes in the top .

Using a clean spray bottle , spray the loaf with water and put in the oven .
Bake 3 minutes and respray the loaf .
Bake another 3 minutes and spray for a 3rd time .

Bake about 45 minutes . I look for a hollow sound when tapping on the bottom , or 190 degrees .

Loaf No. 1 No Sesame seeds .
This one was the best for moisture , crust and chew .
20220103_144047.jpg 20220103_160926.jpg

No.2 Got a little dark on me . Not sure if it was time , or I used white sugar instead of brown .
It was good though . Almost a pretzel taste to it .
20220126_161223.jpg 20220126_180028.jpg
No. 3 . Cut this one long ways . Great chew and crust .
Also made some butter to go with it .
20220206_174405.jpg 20220206_181059.jpg
Butter came out good .
20220206_181848.jpg 20220206_181852.jpg
Last one . No. 4
Came out good too , but didn't stay fresh as long . I used AP instead of bread flour .
Not sure if that caused it , or I did slice it to early . Lost some steam .
20220218_155723.jpg 20220218_181617.jpg
This makes a great ( and big ) loaf .
You could also make up your dough , and use the water spritz in the oven .
That gives it a nice crust .
Great looking loaves Rich, bookmarked! That bread appears perfect for sanny's or mopping up some sauce after a nice pasta dinner, even making French toast, I gotta make some! RAY
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Fantastic Looking Loaves!!
Can't have that stuff around here---I can't stop eating it!!
Definitely one of my weaknesses!!
Nice Job, Rich!

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Great looking loaves Rich, bookmarked!
Give it a try Ray . The first loaf surprised me . Straight out of the Italian bakery good . Use brown sugar . I think it makes a difference .
Thanks bud .

mopping up some sauce after a nice pasta dinner,
That was the idea with the first loaf . Homemade bread , homemade rav's ,
homemade bread board and knife .
Store bought salad . Never was good at making salad .
Homemade ravioli is another thing I gotta try! Yours always looks great!

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Looks awesome Rich!
I was thinking grilled cheese, French toast, Egyptian one eye’s, and I like a nice brown crust on my bread, so yours looks perfect to me!
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Homemade ravioli is another thing I gotta try! Yours always looks great!
They're good when you get them right that's for sure . I just got the secret recipe from the wife's side of the family . That's what they always had for Christmas supper .

Oh man Chop, I f I lived near you I would be in a diabetic coma eating this. I will take a good loaf of bread and butter over any cakes or sweats any day!
Cliff , me too bud . That homemade butter is great too . Put some heavy cream in a mason jar and shake your ----- off .
Thanks for lookin .
P.S. Just put a small bottom round on the roto .
That's some nice looking bread right there!! Well done.
Thanks Robert . This comes out just like the bread at a good Italian market .
The steam spritz really gives it a great crust .

Looks awesome Rich!
I was thinking grilled cheese, French toast, Egyptian one eye’s, and I like a nice brown crust on my bread, so yours looks perfect to me!
It makes great grilled cheese or toast too .
Thanks for the comment .
Big Like!
Never heard of "cake yeast", though...
Thanks Dan . It's fresh yeast / pro baker thing . In a solid form , but soft . I've never used it , but have seen it a couple times .

Man that looks good. The crumb looks like it would make good sub rolls.
Thanks . Yup . Smaller loaf and scoop out some of the inside . It'd be perfect .
That looks like the breads we cannot get here in Ga. Reminds me of the excellent bread we used to get in NJ. We love good Italian bread. Great job Rich. If I can convince the Mrs. we might be able to try this, if I can get the ingredients. We're on these diets, so we'd have to use it sparingly, lol. Great job, and homemade butter? Yes please.
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Thanks Mike . Hey , that's exactly what it's like . I was shocked when I took the first bite .

Heavy cream in a mason jar . Shake until it separates .

Do some small loaves or rolls . Everything in moderation . Including moderation . Lol .
Just got the go ahead to do this. Where can I find the Cake Yeast and Bread Flour? I assume they're different than AP flour and regular yeast? This is the fastest she's ever agreed to something new ever, lol. is reader supported and as an Amazon Associate, we may earn commissions from qualifying purchases.

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