" It won't take no more Smoke after 4 hours..." HORSE HOCKEY!!!

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    There are frequent posts where a Newbie will ask, " How long should I apply Smoke to my Butt? " This will be followed by one or more folks answering, " It won't take no more Smoke after 4 hours. "

    Circumstances being what they are living in an Apartment, not everyone is a Fan of the sweet smell of Smoking Meat...[​IMG]  ...I know how is that possible!?!   Well I am currently in a situation where the use of my smoker is under review because if I am smoking, even on a windy day and the wind blows a little bit of the smoke back toward the building my upstairs neighbor freaks out!

    Shhhhh...Don't tell him but the Complex Manager doing the review LOVES Smoked Meat, her Brother is a Stick Burner and her and her husband are learning the ins and outs of their new Bradley...[​IMG]

    Any how in an attempt to keep the peace, I have been limiting my smokes to once a month...[​IMG]...And try to only smoke on days that the wind will blow the smoke sideways rather than back toward the building. I have been mostly getting away with it by smoking when the neighbor is sleeping and up to this point it has been cold in central PA so windows have been kept closed. Sunday I had a piece of Loin cured up for Canadian Bacon and the kids were clamoring for Pulled Pork. The loin had been out of brine for 5 days and I didn't want to lose it and the Butts were on sale at $1.29/lb and I figured it's pretty windy, what the hell I am going for it. I got up a 5AM and fired up the MES and AMNPS but not wanting to push the issue only put enough Pitmasters Choice to go 4 hours keeping in mind the above statement ,that is so frequently posted. I set a 20" Fan on top of the MES to blow the smoke away from the Balcony and the 20 mile per hour wind was blowing sideways, most of the time. I put the CB and two 7LB Butts in and programmed the MES for 180*F. After Four uneventful hours the AMNPS burned out, the CB hit 140*F, so it was removed and wrapped. The MES was cranked up to 250*F to finish the Butts...BUT...With no Smoke! 

    I can't remember how many Butt's I have smoked and have always believed..." IT'S A SMOKER...IF THERE IS MEAT IN THERE. YOU SHOULD BE MAKING SMOKE! "  So at a minimum when smoking a Butt, low and slow in my MES, I use a Full Load in the AMNPS and count on 10+ hours of that Sweet TBS to consistently Kiss My Butt...[​IMG]  I was looking at smoking a pair of Butts as a Test to see if " I " have been Blowing Smoke or, the 4 hour folks are correct...

    The result in the MES with AMNPS...I applied 4 hours of Smoke and removed the AMNPS then let the Butts ride 10 more hours at 250*F to an IT of 205°. The finished Butts had a beautiful Bark, pulled easily and were very juicy...BUT...They had NO WHERE NEAR the wonderful " Smokey Flavor " that I have come to love from Butts that luxuriate in 10+ hours of Thin Blue Smoke! They were ok but there was a noticeable difference and my Family thought them bland and they do not like Too Smokey...[​IMG]

    Different smokers and various fuels generate different types, colors and concentrations of smoke and we know out comes will vary. It is important to Practice. Experiment and Learn your smoker to determine how much, how long and what type of Smoke you wish to apply to your meat. But remember, there is no validity to General statements like..." It won't take no more Smoke after 4 hours "... Here is how Smoke Happens...

    Smoke is made up of Gasses, some containing Nitrogen, Particles of assorted chemicals, most of which have a pleasant flavor, and some Tars and Oils. As the meat is being smoked many of these Gasses dissolve into the meats surface moisture. Since in the early stages this moisture can move in and out of the outer 1/4 to 1/2 inch of the meats surface we get flavor from these Gasses and in a chemical reaction between the Nitrogen Gas and the Myoglobin, the stuff that makes meat Red and does NOT contain any Blood, we get a permanent color change from red to pink. A Smoke Ring! During this chemical reaction the smoke Particles start building on the surface of the meat. Since they are too big to penetrate very far, the particles only accumulate on the surface with some of the smaller ones being carried an extremely short distance in with the surface liquids. Bottom line is Smoke is made up of many chemicals and gasses. The Gasses can combine with the meat juices, it will Absorb Smoke, and enter the meat until about 140*F(approx. 4 hours at 225-250°F) when the muscle fibers contract to the point that very little passes in or out...BUT...The flavorful smoke Particles will continue to built up on the surface, in other words it will continue to " Take Smoke ", as long as smoke is being applied to the meat.

    So, no more " Smoke Ring " penetration after 140*F but " Smoke Flavor " will keep building until you remove the meat from the Smoke...JJ

    BTW...Sorry there is no Qview, Casey had the camera with her for the weekend...[​IMG]  
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  2. seenred

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    AMEN, Brother!!  Preach It!!!

    There are true words to live by...

  3. dirtsailor2003

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    I like to think of it this way, Stick burners can't turn the smoke off. Some of the best smoked food I have had has come from stick burners. So with that said I usually smoke the entire time, unless I do something stupid like fall asleep and forget to reload whatever it is I am using to produce smoke!

    I'd go live in a tent in the middle of nowhere if I could only smoke once a month!  
  4. fwismoker

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    Yea once a month is flat out criminal....  If my neighbors didn't like smoke i'd smoke EVERYDAY just because.  LOL
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  5. Agreed....Meat take on smoke through the entire smoke. Maybe at a slower rate once it starts a good bark. Nontheless the smoke keeps kissing your butt as JJ said above throughout the smoke.....AGREED AND LOVIING IT!....RTB...[​IMG]
  6. i punch as much smoke up in there as she'll take...im no stranger to bark...i spray the heck outt of it and let that baby suck in more smoke, i normally roll smoke all the way until i think that bark needs to become bark again. she always turns out awesome..i often find myself fighting my wife off when i come into the house with whatever it is, be it brisket or butts...she just has to rip a piece of bark off...you know to hold her down until dinnsky comes out of the igloo and onto the slicing board or pulling pan...haha.
  7. chef jimmyj

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    Yep... I love Smoooke... The Look of it... The Shmell of it... The Taste of it!...JJ
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  8. mr t 59874

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    [​IMG]Let him smell this smoke.   [​IMG]  Sorry.

    Still think the exhaust fan in the bathroom would work.

  9. Now that i own a AMZNPS I absolutely can see smoking a butt for as many hours as it takes to cook it. When using wrapped chunks, I do go for a shorter smoke period but it's just a personal choice of a lighter smoke flavoring. I usually burn a chunk of oak along with a chunk of fruitwood, so that's quite a bit of smoke production compared to a AMZNPS.
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  10. davidhef88

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    I also am a big fan of smoke. I throw smoke at everything the entire time.
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  11. pgsmoker64

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    Great speech my man!

    I agree, no validity to the 4 hour smoke limit!

    Sorry to hear about your neighbor...have they had any of the delicious meat coming off that smoker?  Perhaps that would change their attitude.

  12. fwismoker

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    I feel bad for all of the apartment dwellers that aren't allowed to have any type of charcoal or even gas grills...makes no sense, but electric is ok.
  13. Hey I'm an apartment dweller...i have electric,gas,and a stick burner. Nobody seems to mind. Especially since im in Oklahoma and most of my neighbors r from Texas. The only thing they ask is "can we get a plate?" of course I say hells yeah!!!
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  14. Wow, too bad you have to live like that, life is too short to put up with a neighbor's BS.

  15. kathrynn

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    Chef....just take her a small plate of that smokey goodness and maybe she will change her mind!  Love to wear Smoke Perfume!!!

  16. We should all go to your place and talk to them for you......Maybe they  needs a good pork beating.............[​IMG]
  17. mr t 59874

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    Apartment dwellers may want to consider a Smoking Gun, everyone would be happy. [​IMG]

  18. chef jimmyj

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    I have sent up Kielbasa and offered Bacon, Pulled Pork and to Smoke anything they want anytime...They said they don't like smoked food...[​IMG]  [​IMG]Some folks just are not agreeable...JJ
  19. mr t 59874

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    Oh boy.
  20. bearcarver

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    You got it right Jimmy!!!!

    The only time I'm not putting smoke on the meat is while it's in foil. Sometimes I even let it smoke while in foil, if I figure I don't feel like lighting it again after the foiling step is done.

    I've been disputing that fact for years. Some say, you're wasting smoke after 4 hours, or after it hits 140 IT, Blah, Blah, Blah.

    That's OK---I'll put smoke on it until it comes out of the smoker!!!


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