Is this bad? Flopped Summer Sausage

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Toss it..

Sorry to have to say that.

Lots of things could have went wrong, Mixed to much that the fat smeared, heat to high caused a fat out, casings stuck could be old or not soaked long enough. Huge list of things.

Did you taste?
Not brace enough to taste.
1/3 of the smoker was made exact same way and smoked under the same conditions..just different seasoning blend.

I did cut to inspect, uniform color throughout casing did not peel the sausage apart when I removed it.
I ate some of that and it's fine.
Not brace enough to taste the first batch..relying on Internet advice first!
Yes, the goose had been previously frozen. But my other batch I ran simeltaneously had the same meat mix.
Looking at the sausage something interfered with the binding of the meat and its dry. I have also had sausage turn out that way from adding too much of a seasoning like paprika or a powdery ingredient. Nepas gave you some good information too....

may had a hot spot... see where the meat is cracking outwards towards the casing

Hope this helps
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