Is galvanized pipe fine for drain?

Discussion in 'Reverse Flow' started by rikun, May 9, 2014.

  1. rikun

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    Yeah, I know it's not recommended, but there shouldn't be temperatures high enough to do any damage in the cooking chamber, right?

    I'm asking because it's impossible to get simple black threaded pipe here in Finland any more! It's ridiculous, a couple of years ago it was everywhere...

    Galvanized I can find at my local scrap yard, they look like sprinkler pipes ripped of somewhere.
  2. You can always dip them in muriatic acid to remove the zinc.
  3. radioguy

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    Acid dip will get rid of zinc inside and out. If you are welding its best to remove it anyway. Welding galvanized causes toxic fumes.

  4. rikun

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    Yeah I knew that, was thinking I'd grind the galvanizing away before welding since I've heard that works also. That, and use a half mask respirator while welding.
  5. Could also use square tubing inside the cook chamber as a drain. Once outside the'd take a little work to transfer it back to pipe without having too many leak/restriction issues, but it's a good way to not have to worry about the galvanized. Use round pipe just larger than the square pipe. 
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  6. rikun

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    That, or I could use plain pipe without threads inside and try to somehow weld it to a valve outside.
  7. I've had to use galvanized for drain pipes from time to time. Just bead blasted them inside and out before installing.

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