Inkbird Instant Read Thermometer IHT-1P is on deal!!

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Oct 26, 2018
Inkbird instant read meat thermometer IHT-1P is on deal, apply the 15% page coupon, $16.99 can get one!
Many friends PM us to get this unit's discount. Here it is now.
Best choice for gift!
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Hi Raymond, and welcome to the forum! Sorry I don't have any info regarding your problem with your thermometer, but will give your post a bump and hopefully someone will come along with some help for you.
There are 2 apps - 1 doesn't work well but the other (Inkbird Plus) does work. Need both the phone and the device to be on the 2.4 when first linking to get it to work, its fine after that
Just ordered the Inkbird IHT-1S vs IHT-1P. It came out in Oct. 2020 13 months after the IHT-1P. 2-3 sec read vs 3-5. Auto rotate and sleeps in 3 min. Pick up to wake it up vs opening and closing each time. It's 30% off. Not many have the IHT-1S. Mostly IHT-1P. Thought I'd try this one instead.

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