In the hospital...... still!!

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Man that really sucks. I am really sorry to hear that you are down. We all are gonna have you in our thoughts and prayers. Get well soon man. We really need you back here.  
    AGREED .. with above ... I have a daughter with MRSA staph infection and she almost loset her arm to the stuff .... I have never seen the like of stuff we see now in my life ... Stay in touch and do what the dr asks ..

Man that stinks you get better and get out of the Hospital soon and we will teach ya which hookers to stay away from,,,,,,,

Seriously,,, get better,,, sux being down and out,, Look forward to you coming back...
Hello Johnny,

I know you're tuff stuff, so hang in there and you'll be home soon. Here' wishing you a speedy recovery and some good times down the road.
You're on the right track to recovery. Everyday above ground is a good day! Get outta there soon before ya take a likin' to hospital food...
Gosh,JR, hope you do alright.I though my up coming Knee replacements were going to be bad.

Be nice to the Nurses(I'm married to one,belive me).

Hurry and get back out there,but remember to...
I've been on and off here lately due to illness myself, sorry to here the news. Kick it's butt Johnny and get some qview up. I'm gunning for ya.
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Dang sorry to hear this but glad your getting better. I'll have you in my thoughts and prayers.
Best of luck to ya man. It sounds like you are over the real bad part but like the others said, follow there orders and get the heck outta there, the sooner the better. 

BTW....Tell the nurse you need a COW (computer on wheels) all the hospitals have um, tell her its important business. Be nice tho, LOL most of the time they are for hospital use only tho. 
Wow that sucks. I got bitten by a spider just about 2 yrs ago and got a staff infection. They had to do surgery on my knee to get it cleaned out and spent a week in the hospital and almost a month at home recovering. The whole time in the hospital the Drs were tellin me it was probably MRSA. Too my relief on the day I was released they said the tests came back and it was just a staff infection.

Thoughts and prayers out to you and yours for a speedy recovery! Lookin forward to some Q-view.
Hey JLR,

I was wondering what had happened to you, hadn't see any of your delicious Q-view after the OTBS announcement..., I'll be praying for you, ...may I also add, many times I have seen God allow our world to be shaken to get our attention, He does so, so that we will listen to and search for Him so that He doesn't have to shake it again.

May the Lord continue to bless and heal you,

Seems like I just barely got my OTBS approval and I up and dissapear for a couple of weeks. I have been in the hospital since Feb. 7th, and it looks like I will be here at least another week. I got one of those flesh eating viruses on the inside of my left thigh, it was real touch and go for the first couple of days - doc's weren't sure if I was going to keep my left leg or not!
 It looks like I get to keep the leg (thank god), but I look like the guy they show on Discovery Channel's Shark Week - whole inside of my left thigh is mostly gone.
Hey Johnny

How is the leg doin? Got your PM but have been traveling for the job so no chance to send you anything yet. Hopefully you are getting out next week. 
Hey Johnny

How is the leg doin? Got your PM but have been traveling for the job so no chance to send you anything yet. Hopefully you are getting out next week. 
Doc's are happy with the progress so far. They were hoping to do the skin graft on Friday, but it just didn't quite work out, so they are going to send me home with the wound vac pump on it and then I will come back in a few weeks for the skin graft. So I still got a ways to go on recovery, but at least I will get to go home and be with the wife and kids sooner than thought.

The leg itself is still tender and sore, but all things considered it could be a lot worse.
Take real good care of that wound Johhny---You gotta keep everything going in that forward direction.

Great to have you back on SMF, but take good care of yourself!

We're all with you!

Glad to have you back Johnny! You gonna hobble out & smoke something?   
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