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  1. Glad I could be of help Carlo!  It is always a good deal when you can save more money for the meat! hehe.  As for the ambient probe, it honestly took me a while to figure out the difference in the probes... Until I finally noticed the ambient has a flat end versus the meat one having a point end... And only the ambients come with those little clip deals.. I have always just used my meat probe to record the ambient temp, drilling a hole in a clothespin to hold it in place.. I know they don't like you to do that, but hey, that's also them just trying to sell more of their products to. [​IMG]

    Hope you enjoy your igrill2 as much as I do mine! (And imo it is better than the maverick, though I have never used one No bias or anything. [​IMG]
  2. Carlo, When I bought the 3 of the IGrill2's at Sam's Club for $49.81; they only came with the 4 meat probes (No Ambient). We ordered grill clips off of Amazon to turn them into an Ambient probes; I believe they are about $7 each and they work just fine.
  3. I'm still in awe that you found the igrill2 with the 4 meat probes for $50.. I would be all over that!! 
  4. I have the maverick but i have been wanting to get something with more probes for when i have multiple pieces of meat. :) this was the perfect opportunity to buy
  5. Id be all over that too if i had access to a discount like that! I have heard that due to the limited supply of igrill2 units in the US, prices have jumped up even to 175usd a unit.
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  7. I was looking up the order status of my shipment when i came across a link on the idevices website re: a probe recall. They have a picture of the affected probes (the tip where the wire meets the actual probe is different).

    Thought you guys might want to check:
  8. OK - So I finally got to smoke some meat and test out my new Idevice igrill 2. Here are my initial thoughts

    1. Its a nice piece of equipment - pairs well with an android phone and has some nice features in the app (such as setting your alarm tone, when the alarm/ pre alarm will go off, and it can graph your cook temp (as long as the device stays paired).

    2.Unlike the Maverick, the igrill2 uses bluetooth to connect to your phone (the receiver). Which in my case is restricting as the smoker is outside the house, and the bedroom is a room away (maybe just 30 feet) but with cement walls in between. Since the bluetooth doesnt reach, I cant monitor temps from the bedroom.

    I ended up still using my maverick to monitor the grill temps on my WSM (I used both top and bottom racks) and used the igrill to monitor the meat temps of my pork butt and brisket.

    I used lump coal - which tends to die during the night- so watching cooker temp is more important to me.

    So while it is overkill, I will probably use my maverick to watch cooker temp, and my igrill to watch multiple meats on the smoker (works out well since it has up to 4 probes)

    Side note - This was my first time to monitor ambient temps on both grates - and wow - can they vary. early during the cook, there was something like 20+ F difference (where the top was hotter). So I could be at ~225 top grate but be at 200 or 190 in the bottom grade. I noticed that once the meat was foiled (texas crutch), the cooker temp equalized at both grates.

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    What happens to the charting function if you phone screen turns off, or you take a phone call, or you push the home button to check email?  Does you phone screen need to be on 24/7 to receive readings for the charts?

    Igrill 2

    -4 probes vs 2

    -costs $30 more

    -charting option

    Maverick 733:

    -350 feet range vs 150
  10. Hello mummel!!

    Nothing should happen to the chart, your phone screen does not need to be on 24/7 to receive the readings.  I've actually reset the igrill2 itself a couple times (due to some problems reconnecting after being out of range) during a cook, and all my information was still available! 
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    Thats what I wanted to know.  Thanks.  Wonder where it stores the info while you are disconnected?  So you can still access previous captured data, but it doesnt capture new data while being disconnected right (i.e. you cant go back and see what happened if you were out of range and not capturing data)?
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  12. Hi mummel,

    On your earlier post:
    the igrill 2 comes with 2 probles out of the box and sells for like 100 usd.It has a capacity up to 4 probes but each additional probe is 25 usd. Occassionally youll find promos - i got my igrill with 4 probes for 130 or 140 usd.the range is 150ft but i think mine is less.. its dependent on your bluetooth i guess. Mine is maybe 50ft but with walls In between.

    The maverick sells for around 70 usd with 2 probes. It only has a capacity for 2 probes.Range boasts 300 ft, i find that it is longer than the igrill, ive been quite a ways away and the signal reaches no problem. The alarm is nice and loud too.

    On the igrill's charting, ive had cooks where for most of the cook i had my phone disconnected and with me-out of range. I found that the igrill2 seems to assume graph- meaning the trend line just shows a steady rise in the meat's temp without variation. I assume that it was assumed since in my usual cooks, there is always a stall.

    I still use my maverick for long cooks. I like the range and alarm strength. And i like watching my smokers temp.

    The igrill2 is great for short cooks and when you have a lot of meat on.

    Othertimes i use the maverick to monitor the smoker and the igrill2 to monitor the meat. But thats coz i just want to play with all my toys.

    Hope this helps.
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    Great info.  I'll probably get the Maverick.  Thanks.
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    Just picked this up at Lowes today for 80. Cheapest price I have seen until I just read about Sam's a month ago. Was planning on smoking a butt this weekend so can not wait to try it out. All I've had up till now is a fork probe and the built in probe on my mes30 which is not accurate at all.
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    Good luck!  Please report back with your opinions.  I'm curious to hear about the  iGrills operation.

    1) What happens if your battery dies?  When you turn your phone back on, is your data still there?

    2) When you lose connection and come back in range, is your data still there, and how does the chart handle this?

    3) If you take a call or check email, does the chart still keep logging?

    4) When your phone's screen goes off due to inactivity, does the bluetooth connection get severed, or does it remain active and keep logging?

    5) Range results?

    6) Battery life of your phone with the bluetooth connection?

    7) If you close the app by accident (actually terminate the process), and sign back in, does your chart disappear?

    8) Is there a way to export the chart so you can post it on the forums?

    9) Smoker temp alarm as well as meat alarms?

    Some of these questions have been answered but I would really like to know your results.  Thanks!
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    Homemade grill clip for ambient temp probe using wood chips and boil test to see how far off probes are

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    So I have my mes30 a little over a year now. I have never had a thermometer of any sort except one of the forks you can buy at bed bath beyond. Although my main cooks are small items like chops and wings, I am glad I made this purchase for my second go at a big item like this butt. It appears my smoker is off about 20 degrees. Been fighting with it this morning to get it dialed in to a constant temp range of 225-235 and to do so I had to set smoker temp at 250. Been holding steady in that temp range for almost an hour now.

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    After sealing the cable/probe joint with 700*F RTV Silicone I filled an empty aluminum tea light and let it set up for a week.  It turned into a solid silicone puck for a grill probe holder.


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