I won't be here as much..

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Sep 8, 2006
Casa Grande, AZ
No, I'm not dying! (That I know of anyway)

All my life I have cooked. I have taken it beyond a passion in everything I did. Some of you probably heard the old "You should be a chef!" speech from friends and loved ones just like I have. I dabbled in cooking school out of High School but never took it anywhere because I wanted to be an EMT and not a chef. But, I always took any local class or seminar or did a catering gig at work just for giggles. My Blackberry is loaded with recipies and my spare room has more kitchen gadgets in it than Bed, Bath and Beyond!

Well, after 30 years of being out of High School, I am going back to college. Yes, my local college has a Culinary Arts program and I am getting my Culinary Arts Certificate. I'm a pretty humble guy, but I think I may know more than my Chef Instructor! I caught her cross contaminating the other night during a demo and called her on it. It embarassed her. There goes my grade huh?

Anyway, I'll try to post in between homework. I have some free time since I am retired (disabled), but I am going hog wild with this and I'm having fun. Did I mention I am also taking History?
I need a few more credits to finish up an old degree I started at a Baptist Seminary.

It's amazing that my grades in High School sucked and now it's all A's baby! I guess since I don't need to chase girls and drink up a few kegs a month (after I turned 21 of course), I have mellowed out a bit.. Maybe just a bit
(The beer and girls were before the Seminary..

My Chef knows nothing about smoking..Guess I will be instructing the instructor in the near future..
Good luck with that AZ, you are a man after my own heart! I have been thinking about a culinary arts degree for too many years now... you are a true inspiration!

Go get 'em!
Enjoy! That sound like something I would like to do in about 3 years when I finish a 33 year stint in education. I've been going to school for more years that I wish, but a culinary course sound like fun.

Take care, have fun, and do good!


No such thing as too much or too late as far as education. Stay humble, call your teach out AFTER class ;{) And offer your knowledge so as to perpetuate the art of smoking.

I admire your dedication and motivation. I'm back in school chasing my degree. Just as they say "Don't mess with the cook", be careful with the instructor too. If you call them on something, quitely present it in the form of a question. You'll do great on your grades, mature student usually outdo the "Young and Wise" ones.
I finished my degree at the age of 50.....and carried a 3.5 average! If I can do it anyone can! High school I barely passed.........
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