I need one of these....

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Apr 27, 2017
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Stagionello Drying Chamber


No idea what they cost, but I bet it isn't cheap!
I seriously need to look into getting this true double door commercial fridge up and running. I need more chamber space. I think I'm going to go with aftermarket parts and do a rebuild on the cooling system. I don't need the commercial capacity so that will lower the cost...
So....I picked up a stainless steel commercial freezer from a company that was getting rid of it. Very clean unit, but the refrigeration system will need to be replaced. It is a Master Bilt... the inside dimensions are 27"deep X 47" wide X 56" tall. Just the insulated stainless steel box is worth about $1,500 bucks. Has solid doors-no glass. Perfect for a drying chamber. My uncle knows a guy that does HVAC so he's gonna design/order the parts and do the build for me. Awesome! Should only need a 1/3-1/2h.p. compressor. Can't wait to get it up and running!!
I stopped by a restaurant supply store here in town today to pick up a Winco 22# digital scale. Accurate to 0.001g; and I needed a larger scale to track the weight on the Berkshire Culatello....it was to heavy for my 11# scale. Anyways, they are a reseller of equipment as well and buy old True fridges. So after the holidays, I'm going to clean it up and see what I can get for it. If I can get $2-300 for it, that would be great...I'll put that towards rebuilding the stainless one I have now.
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