I mean I'm proud but....

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Feb 25, 2016
Farmington, MN
I'm very proud of my 4yo for trying steak (again). Used to eat it when he was younger but went to the chicken nugs, pizza, fries phase. I'm glad he's moving on to real meat but... at four and a half and over 50lbs (he's tall like daddy) how much damned meat is he gonna eat? Saturday he ate about 3/4 a pound of mommas ribeye. Lucky I made extra for her bday but man what did I get in to???
Sounds like the young man has a healthy appetite! Just a word of warning… it doesn’t get any better… wait til he’s a teenager… they are always hungry and never quit eating!
Agreed! Bryce (16 yo) will eat a sandwich or two while i'm cooking supper and still eat more than me!
Maybe that steak was just that good he couldnt quit eating it!

Encourage veggie eating Tom. You need to fill him up with other things.
It will all change again when he attends school and the garbage they feed them.
With all due respect….AWW HELL NO. I’ll get another job before he turns into a (“George Carlin”) yogurt sprout eatin dude. I’ll buy all the steak he can eat, just hopefully cheaper cuts.

Edit: for all the bleepin idiots out there (not on this site but other morons) and yes he gets plenty of fruits and veggies. He loves them.
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Love George Carlin, but I'm meaning staple veggies as peas, carrots, corn, onion, cabbage, etc.

... but went to the chicken nugs, pizza, fries phase.
That's the crap they feed then in school. Peer pressure is a terrible thing as the healthy stuff may get pushed aside.
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He will also crush a half pound of any fruit or veggie with meal also. Momma wanted me to mention that he diet isn’t “limited”. He LOVES his fruits and veggies. Made me upgrade my veggie game.
And come on he’s 4 years old. Granted 47inches and 52lbs but he’s 4. Breaking this old mans back with pick me up daddy. 😂
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