I like smoking turkey breast better then chuck roast.

Discussion in 'Poultry' started by phxsmoking, Aug 12, 2013.

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    Yesterday I traded my chuck roast smoking failures for a successful smoked turkey half breast. I Brined a 4 ½ lb. turkey breast overnight in water with kosher salt, sugar, and onion powder. BTW, I found a box of 2 ½ gallon bags in the local dollar store, 5 bags for a dollar. Seasoned the breast with butter under the skin and butter, onion, and poultry seasoning on the outside, I did not use any injection. Outside environment was sunny, temp of 105, and humidity of 16%. No humidity problems here. Smoked it with my AMNPS and a mixture of apple and hickory  in a 2 door Masterbuilt  gas for 4 hours at 250- 260 until it reached IT of 162. Turned up the gas for an 1 hour and reached a temperature in the box of 350 and IT of 170. Total cook time of  5 hours. Foil wrapped the breast and placed it in a chest for an hour. Turkey, cob, rice with tomatoes was served.  

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    that looks very good, well done
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    Wow, that looks great. Wish I was there.

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    Tasty Turkey there! Great job!
  5. Nice trade. Looks great!

    Happy smoken.

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    Nice Turkey Breast... I need to test taste it to check your proficiency . . .[​IMG]
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    yum yummm... I like to fridge the left over and run it through the slicer the next day for sammiches in my lunch the rest of the week....
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    We really like smoked Turkey.....   It so versatile and good.....  Ummmmmmmmm


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