i have a magic smoker....what in the world? Please help

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Apr 6, 2013
I'm smoking a boston butt for Christmas lunch tomorrow and it's a standard 10 pound butt.

I put it on at 6 PM EST and four hours later it has jumped from 36 degrees internal temp to 140 degrees.  My smoker temperature is yoyo'ing due to some unknown issue but I am doing my best to keep it regulated.

I put it on at 6 PM est expecting a 10 hour cook (or there abouts).  I plan on taking it off at 160 degrees and foiling it to 180 and then finishing it off on the grill to 195 for pulling.  Then I planned on putting it in a cooler wrapped in towels until lunch.

At this rate though, it will be done around 12:30 or 1:00 am, only 5 hours.  Why is it that food cooks twice as fast in my smoker than everyone elses?  I calibrated the thermometer (Maverick digital) so I believe it to be correct.

If it gets done at 1:00 AM EST what to do with it until lunch tomorrow?  Is that too long to leave it wrapped in a cooler?

Well this is a little later then you wanted for response.

Not sure where you are at with the cook.

Check the placement of the probe. Fat pockets and next to the bone can give false readings.

Not sure what type of smoker you have, but wind can cause yo-yoing effect.

Not sure why you atre going to wrap, then unwrap and then wrap again to hold. If you were going to serve immediately when it hit 195 I could see the unwrap part, but you plan on wrapping and holding, so IMHO the unwrapping part is not needed. Bring it to 190 and place in cooler to hold and then pull just before service. Use the drippings as your base for a finishing sauce.
Pull it after a few hour rest in the cooler, pulled pork reheats fine in a microwave and tastes great.

I'm with jarjarchef and don't understand foiling twice? Nor do I understand finishing it on the grill... I would double wrap foil at 160º with a little apple juice poured in the foil and bring it to 200º to 205º in your smoker or oven, then wrap in towels for a cooler rest. While it rests in the cooler take your saved juices and refrigerate. Then skim the fat/grease off the top of the chilled juices, reheat the juices to mix in with your pulled pork.
Your butt has not reached the "stall" zone.... It could take hours to get from 160 to 180..... patience.... set the smoker to 210 and let it go... It will get done and not overcook.....

Thanks guys I appreciate the help and the replies.

I did, in fact, reach the stall zone and at some point during the night my smoker settled down a little bit.  The Maverick was set for high and low temps for the grill and max temperature for the meat.  It only woke me up 3-4 times last night.

As for foiling, I usually cook it to about 160 and then foil it with some apple juice to 180 on the grill.  Then I take it out of the foil and put it back on the grill to 195.  Not sure where I read that.

This time I just let it smoke on the grill with no foil.  I took it off at 13 hours at 195 and put it in the cooler double wrapped in heavy duty foil and multiple towels.  Right now she's at 162 degrees with 30 minutes to go before ripping it apart and serving.

I tasted some and it really tasted good.
Sounds like it worked out for you. I too pull mine off the smoker at 195. I like the pork to have a little more texture to it.
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