I got a gift in the mail

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Sep 7, 2021
I got a gift in the mail from someone on this forum and this is what it was!

It's my own knife set! I used at the chef's knife just yesterday to cut some asparagus! I'm really excited to use all these I'll have all these knives to myself. I don't know who sent me these but I know it was somebody from this forum so thank you!
Ryder that's just plain awesome!! Another true testament that there are some really good, thoughtful, and considerate folks in this forum. I can only imagine that you're thrilled to have a set you can call your own. Congrats my young friend.

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That is so cool! Congratulations, Ryder. I'm sure dad will give very good instruction.
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Very cool Ryder, now you can say to your....Dad if you feed me steaks you can use my steak knives too...... Enjoy they should last you a long time!
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Wow Ryder. Reading through all these replies it looks as though you're developing quite a following here. You might just have to start up your own fan club :emoji_laughing: I have a feeling that we are all going to be in for a very special thread from you in the near future young sir :emoji_wink:

P.S. my wife loved this thread!!

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