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I didn't want this to be my second post.

pc farmer

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Sorry to hear this. Prayers from our family


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I haven't been here very long, but with a couple of questions I had he invited me to ask him more questions to help me understand what I was doing and why. He will be missed.


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Very sorry to hear this. Chef JJ was always there to comment on what and how and yes why you did something. Loved his posts
He will be missed here .
But greatly missed by you and you family, prayers going to all who knew ChefJJ



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May God’s Love and Grace keep you and comfort you and your family during this difficult time.. Chef Jimmy J was a Great Staff Member and Moderator… Chef Jimmy J’s help and support will be greatly missed…Wow.. and again, God’s Speed for you and yours..✝✝. Rest In Peace Chef Jimmy J. ✝✝



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I just seen this. Prayers to his family...He will be missed.


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I'm terribly sorry to hear this Amanda. Jimmy was a great mentor and an even greater person. He will be sorely missed.

Although I never met him personally, I really felt that I related to him growing up in a Polish household in Northeastern PA.

My condolences and prayers to your family.



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I'm at a loss for words. JJ was so kind and helpful to me on more than one occasion. I valued his opinion so much. He'll be missed by our whole community. My thoughts are with you and your family.


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ChefTrinket ChefTrinket

I am so very sorry to hear of your dad's passing.

Your father was my all time favorite !

Ironincally I was thinking of your dad this evening as I inserted my Thanksgiving turkey into his brining recipe.

We will miss him dearly.

Rest in peace my friend,

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IH 1026

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I was glad to meet him at the 2020 PA Gathering. Chef Jimmy was a great asset to this site, and his knowledge will be missed. You and your family will be in my prayers.

Rest easy Chef Jimmy.

JckDanls 07

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OH NOOOO.. I'm so sorry to hear this ... As you can tell.. Chef JJ was dearly loved here at SMF.. There's no way I can add anything better than what has already been said ... If any comfort he is now hanging out with some of the other Great Mentors of SMF that have unfortunately left us.. I have many of his recipes bookmarked...

Prayers going out to all... "RIP MY FRIEND" ...


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This is heartbreaking news. As others have said, he is irreplaceable here, as I know he is at home.
My best to you and your family in this hard time.


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This is honestly the last thing I wanted to have to post to you all...

Last night, my father, @chef jimmyj passed away. He was here at home, surrounded with love.

You all here at SMF were a second family to him... He talked constantly about the different issues of the moment, how different people would do amazing and delicious things, and how awesome you all were to him.

I did get the chance to personally meet some of you at one of the Gatherings here in PA, and he absolutely loved being surrounded by the warmth of your friendship and had so much fun just being around like minded people.

We aren't having any type of service because he didn't want that, he will be cremated and as I promised him early in life, bay leaves put in his ashes(because they go in chicken soup damnit!), and he'll be home where he belongs.

My mom and I want to thank each and every one of you for helping give my dad a purpose. He had been handicapped and housebound for a long time, and missed his days as a chef instructor. Once he found you all here at SMF, he not only got to share what he was passionate about, but he got to share it all with people who became more that just random people on a website, many of you become friends.

I may just have to take over posting for him so often... Pie making is about to start and this is my first Thanksgiving on my own. I hope I can make him proud and continue to be the person he wanted.

James Louis Jankoski
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I'm sorry for your loss, you have my condolences.

Your father always shared the most amazing information and was a pillar here in our community. I feel fortunate that our paths crossed here and I always had the utmost respect for him. It was easy to have genuine respect for him, he only conducted himself well to me and to everyone else here.

I'm grateful that I was able to learn from him and enjoy everything he brought to our table. It didn't matter that there was always a screen and a world of internet between all of us and him, he made a great and positive impact which is hard to find and even harder in these times.

I thank him for being who he was and I'm hopeful we get to see more of him through you here in our community.

I'll cook some turkey soup for sure here soon and when I add the bay leaf I'll smile... I've always added it to chicken soup and similar soups myself :D


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Wow so sorry for your loss. He was an inspiration here and I'm sure to your family. His wisdom will be missed by all.
Thoughts for peace and comfort for the family at this difficult time.


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I really hate to hear this, he was a fine man from what I have seen, I will remember him on my birthday along with JFK, another fine man lost the same day many years go


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Thoughts and Prayers to family and friends. He was a very giving person and I'm sure has helped each and every person on this forum in one way or another.
Rest In Peace Chef . . . :emoji_pray:


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Prayers for you and your family. JJ was an amaizing mentor for me. I learned a lot of things speaking with him that will never be forgotten.


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This really SUCKS!!!

Amanda, I am so, so sorry for your family's loss Amanda, Chef JJ was a really, wonderful dude.

Your Father and I started off a little rocky, when he took my brash, absolute zero filter sense of humor the wrong way. Once we had the chance to talk about where I was coming from, we laugh together about my habit of reckless posting often. And when I took things just a touch too far your Father would give me a little wink and that is all it took for me to understand that I need to rein things in a touch.
JJ became a great forum friend of mine, no doubt in my mind we would've been best of bud's in real life if we lived closer to each other.

I'm so bummed about this news, and never getting to meet JJ in person will always bother me.
Amanda, your family was blessed to have such a loving father, husband and best of friend for his life.

JJ, will live on in all of our hearts and minds, he was a fantastic dude that cared so much about others, like no other really.

Your Father spoke very highly of you and the rest of his family, you were blessed to have him as your Father, husband and best friend.

Amanda, do him proud with your holiday baking, I know his voice will be in your ear telling you the proper way of doing things, he was such a well balanced helpful dude, he will be deeply missed by all of us.

Prayers lifted up for Chef JJ.

There will always be a deep, hole in the forums where JJ's knowledge shined through.

RIP & GOD SPEED JJ, my friend, you will be sorely missed my bruth'a man!!!

Amanda, shoot me a message anytime you need to vent, laugh or talk, and I mean it!!!

RIP & GOD SPEED too Chef JJ, my friend, you will be sorely missed by all of us here on the forum.

My deepest sympathies and condolences.
Dego, Dan!!!


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My condolences to you and family. He took the time to share his experience with me, and all of us here, and I will be forever grateful for that! Thoughts and Prayers to you and family during this time.


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So sorry for your loss. He will be greatly missed.
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