I couldn't help myself...

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Feb 1, 2012
Rio Rancho, NM
These fell in my basket somehow.

In my defense, I was left unsupervised.

Chicken Legs 2024-03-12_1.jpg

Since they followed me home, what could I do but cook them.

Old Bay on half and Famous Dave's Country Road Chicken seasoning on the other.
Ignore the finger in upper left corner. DOH!

Chicken Legs 2024-03-12_2.jpg

Chicken Legs 2024-03-12_3.jpg

Will be back in 170f degrees...


  • Chicken Legs 2024-03-12_1.jpg
    Chicken Legs 2024-03-12_1.jpg
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  • Chicken Legs 2024-03-12_2.jpg
    Chicken Legs 2024-03-12_2.jpg
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  • Chicken Legs 2024-03-12_3.jpg
    Chicken Legs 2024-03-12_3.jpg
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Looks like its gonna be good! I'll take that rack on the right!

Those are the ones with Famous Dave's. It's a bright red seasoning. Paprika I guess.
Old Bay doesn't show much.
Up to 166.5f, getting there...
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Those sure do look good Bruce. Nicely done.

Point for sure
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