I almost thought I was in nirvana

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Feb 5, 2006
Magna, UT
I started the smoker at about 4:00 am this morning to do a 10lb butt and an 8lb brisket. everything was going super, the first rays of sunshine coming over the mountains were shining through the thin blue smoke. I was listening to the early morning birds having my third cup of coffee when the temp crashed on the smoker, oh no I must be out of propane! I switched to the back up bottle and all was well for about 20 min and the temp crashed again!! NO FIRE I grabbed the grill bottle and tried that (it was low on fuel) and no fire!!! I loaded up the first two bottles and went on a search for propane. who would be open before 7:00 am I caught the manager of the Top Stop as he was getting to work thank god and he filled the bottles before he opened the store. The bottles were only half empty. I got back and the temp was down to 168 got things hooked up and am now sitting down to my fourth cup of coffee and watching the temp rise again. I think my regulator is going bad. But for now I am sitting in the sunshine watching the tin blue smoke.

I hope the rest of the day goes a little easier.
I hate it when an issue arises that early. Smoking should always be...nirvana. Hope the rest of the day is nice and relaxed.

Take care,

I hope so the meat has been in the smoker for about five hours now and the temp is 109 in the butt so I think we are back on track.

Mark, besides three cups of coffee, what else will get your heart rate up quicker than a fuel delemia? Glad you were able to find somebody open.
My "Go-TO" source for propane was the Flying J on 21 So. and 9th West-I was able to get propane 24/7. They're closed now for a MAJOR rebuild-went past there the other day and EVERYTHING is torndown (the buildings) and tornup (the fuel pumps). Luckily there is a True-Value Hardware store about a mile from my place that sells the stuff.

So are you doing the butt and brisket for the Family Reunion or are you in charge of dinner tonite?

BTW-Thanks for the tip on the pork butts-looks like I'll be picking up a case tomorrow after work or on Monday.
I am just practicing for the family reunion besides I was out of pulled pork for samichs
Sounds like you caught it in time. :D I had the unpleasant experience of running out of fuel ONE time! Now I have four 30# tanks.

Best of luck on your practice run.
when I do the reunion I will be doing about 120lbs of butts. I don't know if practicing with one 10lb butt will help much 120 lbs is a lot of meat

120 lb of pork butt IS a lot of meat! Let me know if you need an other smoker, I can lend you my GOSM for the day~

The advantage to practicing with just the one butt lets you try out the rub. If you need to tweek it a little, it's better to know now rather than after doing a 120 pounds of meat.
that is what I thought get the rub dialed in. I think I can get 120 lbs of buts in the smoker if I add one more rack something I already want to do. I set the butts I picked up the other day in the smoker and with one more rack I think they will fit. I just don't know how much longer it will take that much meat to cook.
It is now 9:00 pm and I have eaten so much I can't move. My first brisket (just a flat) was super and the pork butt was just like the last two and fantastic. The way things started this morn I didn't think today was a good smokin day. I keep smokin like this I am going to weigh 600 lbs.
now that I have started smokin I have to have pulled pork in the fridge and freezer at all times if I run out I start going through withdrawal. sorry my spelling is not so good.
Sounds like the practice run was a success!!! :D You should be feeling pretty good about being able to pull off the reunion cook. Best of luck. 8)
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