Howdy from Tampa...

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Dec 26, 2010
Hi there, I've been lurking here for 5 months now and I've gained so much useful information that I thought I'd finally register. I did this primarily to say a heartfelt thank you to Jeff and the "regulars" who contribute. I've gained accolades and have been appointed as king of the neighborhood bbq thanks to the advice, recipes, and expertise gained browsing this site.

Even though I'm in Tampa, two weeks ago we had a cold spell and my MES wouldn't start heating. A quick search through the useful database later and I was outside with a warm rag on my thermostat. 5 minutes later I was smokin'. This saved the day.

So, again, thanks so much and I look forward to joining discussions and sharing the qviews here. I've got a ton of photos to sort through and get on my photobucket page!



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Apr 19, 2010
Bay Area, CA
Welcome, and glad you came out of the shadows!  Congrats on the fine successes you've had so far.  I'm looking forward to learning from you, too. 

And don't forget the Q-view!!!


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Mar 22, 2008
Welcome to SMF glad you decided to join in. You better remember that trick cause here comes the cold again
 I'm just north of you a bit


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May 1, 2007

Welcome to SMF, Glad to have you with us.

This is the place to learn, lots of good info and helpful friendly Members.

For those of you new to Smoking, be sure to check out Jeff's 5 Day Smoking Basics eCourse.

Click Here it's "FREE" ... 5 Day eCourseE


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Oct 17, 2009
Hendertucky, Nv.
Welcome to the SMF. Glad to have you here. Lots of good folks, great recipes and knowledge. Looking forward to your first qview.


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Dec 26, 2010
Thanks for the warm welcome! A little more on my smoking history... I started with the Alton Brown ceramic pots and hot plate while camping in the Keys a few years back and I've been hooked ever since. I've stepped up to the MES30 since then and have smoked almost every weekend for the past year. For Xmas this year, I had my family in town so I smoked an 9 pound ham and a 10 pound turkey, both with Jeff's Rub. Used a home made honey glaze on the ham and left the turkey alone with the rub. Both were big hits... again, thanks to this site.


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Mar 12, 2009

First off Welcome Scott to SMF. You'll like it here for there are alot of really good folks here that would just love to help you with just about anything to do with smoking. Now there are alot of proven recipes for some amazing things here too. So if you need sign up for the E-Course it's free and it will give you the basics of smoking and some good methods to use also. So the next big thing for you to do is go out and get you something to smoke and if you happen to have any questions just post it here and we will be happy to answer them for you.

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