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Oct 19, 2016
I joined this forum in hopes to get in contact with Todd about some pellets. I've been smoking for over 10 years now. I started on a dual chamber charcoal grill from Sams club that I heavily modified for smoking purposes. Then I bought a WSM bullet smoker a few years later. I decided a few years later that charcoal was great but I didn't like babysitting and losing sleep just to smoke a pork butt anymore. So I bought an electric chip smoker. Which I really enjoyed for what it was. But I yearned for the versatility of a pellet smoker grill that I could smoke a brisket on or crank up the heat and grill steaks. So I saved up and finally bought a pellet smoker. It is a Camp Chef smoker and I couldn't be happier with it. The only downside is ...what pellets do I use? I have gone through about 60 lbs of pellets from 3 different brands, just testing the waters trying to figure out what's going to work best. My latest buy was from 'Wally World'. Pit Boss brand Competition Blend. I plan to break the seal on it this weekend and see how it differs from the others.. Any suggestions?
Hello and welcome to you.

Glad you decided to hang out with us 

here on this great site.

If you go up top of the page to the search thingy.

Type in  "what pellets to use" you will find a huge amount

of discussion on the subject.

Todd's pellets are great and he's a sponsor of this site.

Have fun and take pictures.

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