How to pick them lemons.....

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Jun 23, 2012
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...that are way up there.

This is for cappyR who has a major thorny Meyer Lemon bush that loves to drawl blood. This is my next door neighbor's Meyer lemon tree that is loaded and is asking me to help reduce the population. Problem is that the tree is too tall to get them high ones, so I got out my welder and made this harvesting cage, which is smaller than what you normally find on the market. Just big enough for dem lemons.





Today, picked a few to make some Sorbet with pics to follow.

Tapayakin' from my iphone
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My neighbor this week decided he needed a road to the back end of his property. Bulldozer showed up last Tuesday and there is now compacted down the first layer crushed washout for his new road. What does this have to do with lemons? Well his lemon and Kumquat tree were where they staked out the road. They were only about 15 years old but they were probably 25 ft. tall, and they are no more. I was actually sad to see them uprooted.

So no more kumquat marmalade and fresh lemon pies for Foam!

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