How to attain TBS on a Masterbuilt 30 inch.

Discussion in 'Propane Smokers' started by bakerman, Nov 21, 2011.

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    Hey Smokers,

    I'm not sure if this is the right place to ask this but here goes:

    I am brand new to this way of cooking and wanted to find out if there is a fool proof way of getting and maintaining TBS on this model smoker?

    Do you start with charcoal and then add the wood chunks? Do you soak the wood chunks? Wrap them in foil?

    I am planning on getting a 8 in cast iron skillet for my wood because the one I got with the MB 30 is junk and the wood caught fire. I even double wrapped it in foil and it still burned up.

    For now I have apple and cherry chunks I picked up at HD. I have to find a better source for fruit wood chunks as well.

    Still haven't smoked anything yet but this coming weekend I may do something tasty.

    Thanks for any replies.

  2. scarbelly

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    I can solve your problem in a heartbeat. Anyone who owns an MES should have one of these

    Get the pellet version as it can handle both sawdust and pellets. Works great for both hot and cold smokes
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    Not sure which model you have ?  I have the very old model 30", analog,, no intake or exhaust .  The unit worked like a charm in cooler weather but here in Indiana, when it hit 90f+ outside I had issues.  I read and read and then read some more here on the forums.  There are too many variables to cover in one post.  Weather, humidity, heat,, water dish or no water dish, wet chips or dry chips, door clip,, cranked tight or left loose.  So many different issues for a perfect smoke that it drove me crazy.  I have had several great results with the MES, my biggest issue was when it was hot outside,, it did not produce smoke.  After several kickmyownassscrewup smokes,, I decided to get the AMNPS and the Maverick thermometer.  Now,, this does work as advertised and as well as advertised, for the last 3 months,, Sept - Nov,, I have done just about 8 smokes,, I am not hardcore smoker nor well off enough to throw money away but I will guarantee on top of Todd's guarantee,, that the AMNPS will produce all the smoke you want at whatever temp you want to cook.  Be advised though,, that it uses wood dust or wood pellets and does a fantastic job with them.  How it may work with something else,, I have no clue.

    So,, as a old 30"MES owner/user,, and still only one I have,  if you want consistent smoke, no matter the temp you set on the MES,, check out the reviews for the AMNPS.
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    Check out Ace's tutorial, it's very good. However the AMNPS makes just about any smoker a little better, and it is unsurpassed in ability for cold smoking or smoking at low temps.
  8. kielbasa kid

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    Yo!  Bakerman,

    5 days and 20 hours ago, you wrote that you were having a TBS/flare-ups/etc. problem (?) and you have yet to reveal the model of MES that you are using. 

    Colour me curious because I for one, have never had a problem under any conditions with my MES analog 30 with the 1500 watt element.

    I experience TBS for an easy 2+ hours, using garden shredder/shredded wood chips in the supplied tray without alterations. The liquid pan, holds for an easy 3 hours. I usually smoke everything @225.

    No soaking, no foil wrapping, no nothing but packing in the naturally seasoned apple/cherry/pear/plum chips, branches, bark and all, from my orchard's prunings. I have 200 pounds on hand.

    The door is tightly sealed with a retro-fit alteration, using a fiberglass rope gasket. 

    Flare-ups are normally the result of rapidly increased air flow, e.g. when the door is opened.  A plain old burn-up of a wood product while the door has not been opened, can be a leaking door.

    Perhaps we are using different animals? For $160 (not $399) I have what appears to be a SS lined, double walled (insulated(?), analog 1500 watt unit. They have come with (bummer) 650 watt and 800 watt elements in the past. The box is the same size as the Smokin-it 700 watt(?) and texas something-or-other that I have read about, that cost hundreds of dollars more.


    I once had an LP smoker that I used with a cast iron skillet and covered wood chips. Talk about "flare-ups".[​IMG]


    Let's hear what you have and how the "tasty" weekend smoke went for you.

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