How to add #1 cure to bacon?

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Dec 30, 2023
Grey Eagle, MN
Bought a pack of thick cut bacon strips. Prob around a dozen strips. Thinking about applying brown sugar and dehydrating. How much #1 cure should be applied. I’m guessing mixed in the brown sugar.
If your talking about sliced uncured belly. Then I would think a wet brine would be the easiest.

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Bacon is already cured. You don't need any more cure.
Be my answer if you are using already cured thick cut bacon. I'm not sure how well it'll work for jerky since I don't make it, but it's already been cured and I don't see any need to double cure it.
Some missing info in your post. Most important is it already cured as most store bought bacon is or is it raw belly just sliced.
I do have to ask why would you dehydrate bacon? Not the best thing for bacon, way to much fat to have any success with.
If it's store bought I wouldn't be adding anything to it (and absolutely not more cure), try it first without messing with it to see how it works.

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