How much to charge for a 20 pound smoked turkey?

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Aug 23, 2020
Hey ya'll...I am smoking a bunch of Turkeys and was told I was charging way too low at $100 for a 21 pound turkey. Thoughts?
Would be helpful to know how much you are paying for the turkey before you smoke it......Are you injecting or brining? Using rub? Type of smoker fuel etc
I don't think you'd sell many at $100 a pop even out here in sunny Cali. I could be completely wrong though, people are nuts!!!
Sounds kinda high to me with birds @ .39 lb in several area stores but hey if they are selling keep em in the fire
Using a J&R Smokemaster with hickory wood. Turkey cost $1.55/pound. Smoking with melted honey and brown sugar mixture in a paper bag for browning.
Hmmm.... Interesting.... I decided to ask my wife how much she will be willing to pay for 20 pounds smoked turkey - like one I usually smoke. Short question and a quick reply: $100! No, I wasn't shocked because this would be, basically, my answer if I was asked... Here, in North Cal people pay around $35-60 for just store baked 12-15 pound turkey. Smoked turkey is another level of deliciousness.... Yes, I am completely agree - this depends where you live....
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Cost of the bird x 3 will get you honestly close.
On sale prices don’t count. Steady price of the meat product is what I’m basing this off of. No matter ribs, brisket chicken pulled pork or a turkey. X3 the going rate of raw product will be close. Your markets may vary. But this is just being honest.
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Are you planning on selling it whole or broken down?

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