how much time to add for multiple butts?

Discussion in 'Pork' started by trotline, Jun 7, 2013.

  1. trotline

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    Hello all,

    It's been a while since I posted here. I've smoked several butts on the WSM but always 1 at a time. Never attempted multiple butts. They normally seem to take about an hour to an hour 15 per pound on my smoker. I am smoking a 9.68 lb. and a 9.69 lb. for my mother in law's surprise 50th b-day party tomorrow afternoon. I want to plan for them to finish around 1:30 ish to be ready for the party at 3:30. How much time do I need to add for multiple butts? Any other adjustments I need to plan for?

    I always get good advice from this site. Thanks a bunch for your help.
  2. s2k9k

    s2k9k AMNPS Test Group

    I really doubt 2 butts in a WSM is going to be much different than just 1. If you were going to pack 4 in there it might add some time but I don't think 2 will.
  3. trotline

    trotline Fire Starter

    Thanks for the reply. I think I'll plan for an hour 15 per pound to be safe. If they get done in 1 hour per, I'll probably be 2-3 hours earlier than expected. Will they be ok to sit in foil for 3-4 hours? I guess I can heat them back up in the oven for a few minutes if needed.
  4. s2k9k

    s2k9k AMNPS Test Group

    Wrap in foil then place in a cooler with some old towels wrapped around them for insulation and they will stay hot for hours, should be any need for reheat.
  5. oldschoolbbq

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    Actually , Trotline . I've done up to 8 at one time. 10#ea. done in17hrs.  ;

    No extra time needed, the stall was a bit better. Other than that, the same...
  6. jpayer

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    I agree with S2K9K, wrap it up in foil then a towel then place it in a cooler. You'll be just fine.
  7. bruno994

    bruno994 Master of the Pit

    No added time needed. 

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