How Many Mes Owners Here?

Discussion in 'Electric Smokers' started by ronp, Feb 25, 2010.

  1. 30'

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  2. 40'

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  3. 40' with window

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  4. 40' 800 watt

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  5. 40' 1200 watt

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  6. I like it a lot

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  7. I wish I had something else and why

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  8. Where did you buy it?

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  9. Sams Club

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  10. Other please list where in a post

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  1. redheelerdog

    redheelerdog Master of the Pit SMF Premier Member

    I got my MES all hopped up and modded out...

    Got the exterior temperature dial AND the AMAZ-N air vent...

    I ALSO have the highly coveted long extended smoker vent pipe - (AKA the Long Tube Header) - Gains 30-40 horsepower with this mod alone!

    I also have a 1/4" thick, square steel plate sitting on top of the heat element box to keep the heat from going straight up the corner and frying the crap out of what is directly below the top vent. (helps with more even heating throughout the smoke box)

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  2. hyde

    hyde Newbie

    Very convenient if I want to smoke and don't have time to babysit my smoker. (Though that's part of smoking). You will not get a smoke ring with an electric smoker,but I do enjoy it and use it weekly. I've also started putting pellets in mine and will not switch back to chips.
  3. We must all be weird then. Linda laughs at me when I get the camera close to my smoker. She knows that the Q-views are going to[​IMG]
  4. daricksta

    daricksta Master of the Pit OTBS Member

    I've noticed the same temp difference with the MES 30 and the Taylor therm I use. However, after about an hour as the MES gets up to the target temp, the difference narrows down to 10 degrees or less. I've checked this on each of the 5 times I've used my MES and this temp gap closing has remained consistent.
  5. daricksta

    daricksta Master of the Pit OTBS Member

    Todd Johnson told me you don't get smoke rings with an electric smoker, but I don't understand why that is. Why is it different from other smokers? Is it the same for a propane smoker?
  6. roadkill cafe

    roadkill cafe Smoking Fanatic

    You'll get a smoke ring, usually, in a gasser. "Usually" won't in an electric. This thread might help you understand. . You can also read other posts by typing in Smoke Ring in the search bar. I have also read, never tried, that you can artificially create one in an electric. The smoke ring does nothing other than add to the appearance, nothing for flavor.
  7. I picked up my MES30 on Friday. She is all seasoned and ready to roll. Gonna do some spares tomorrow...[​IMG]
  8. You should be licking your fingers about now. How was the ribs?   [​IMG]
  9. Would recommend the 40" if you like smoking multiple things at once. You can fit a large pork butt, ribs, brisket, etc... on it at all at the same time. Does increase your cooking times but the exrta room is nice if your smoking for a crowd. If you just like smoking one thing at a time a 30 should do you fine. The window is pretty much useless as it smokes up in an hour. So is the light as it does the same. If you clean them both every time them they work for a little while. It's a convienence but certainly not necessary. Smoke on!
  10. mneeley490

    mneeley490 Master of the Pit OTBS Member

    I have added a couple charcoal briquettes to my electric and gotten some smoke ring, though not like in my offset. So far, the charcoal pellets in my amnps haven't produced one, but I haven't used them exclusively for a single smoke. Usually mix in some other pellets for flavor.
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  11. Are you willing to share more information relating to the modifications?  Looks like what you have done will solve my issue of smoking over night without losing sleep.

  12. I never got them in the smoker...Did something else. I was out voted. Gonna do the ribs tomorrow..
  13. Great! I have had mine for over 2 winters, and still cookin like a champ. Mes 40. Lots a room. I have switched to using pellets and blending in chips.
    A steady temp is no problem, a steady smoke is a challenge, don't over load the chip tray, you will get a white smoldering cloud. Also caught fire a few times, if the chip tray is over loaded, and you open the door or side dump tray and air gets in, it can ignite[​IMG]. FYI!
  14. Thanks for the tip. I found that about a half of a tray or less works pretty well....Still learning this unit obviously...
  15. I've noticed this temperature difference too.  Kept checking the Maverick with boiling water, and it tested out fine, so must be the thermometer in the MES.  No problem at all once you account for it, but have others also noticed this?
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  16. I'm on my second MES 40 body and both run cooler...wish mine would run hotter!
  17. I got my MES 40" 2nd generations about 6 weeks ago at Cabela's and really like it.  Have had no issues so far.
  18. 30" with window. Love it, its a great unit. Purchased at home depot. I have a 9lb butt, some yardbird and a rack of baby backs in it as I speak.
  19. compact45

    compact45 Newbie

    Masterbuilt 30" 20070312 with Window bought from Amazon about a year ago. Really like it all the way around for performance and convenience with no troubles so far.

  20. dad of four

    dad of four Smoke Blower

    Edit:  I see someone else already posted this...  Not sure how to delete a post 

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