masterbuilt electric smoker

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  1. P

    Masterbuilt Electric Smoker Door Latch Pulled assembly pulled out

    I have an electric Masterbuilt smoker that the latch to keep the door closed has pulled completely off. The latch and the threads it was screwed into both came out as one piece. I have the latch and can unscrew it from the the threaded holes, but no idea how to reattach or replace the threaded...
  2. C

    Help please.

    ETA: outside temp was in the low 20°'s. How should I continue to cook to make sure it reaches desired temp. Do I just monitor internal temp? Hi there! I’m hoping you can help guide me. I put my brisket in an electric smoker last night at 11pm. I woke up to find out the smoker turned off due...
  3. R

    Newbie Masterbuilt Smoker

    hey everyone, I happen to find this forum and was looking for some advice on smoking a brisket. Here is the situation so far. I purchased a 16.28 lbs beef brisket and seasoned it and then cut it in half since it wouldn’t fit in the smoker I have (Masterbuilt MES 130B digital electric smoker)...
  4. J

    Looking to dabble in smoking meat

    I love eating smoked meat and it's time I stop solely relying on others to allow that to happen in my life. I want to get a smoker. I've TENTATIVELY narrowed my choices down to an 18.5 WSM and a Masterbuilt electric (although I'm seeing tons of different options of those and have no idea which...
  5. thethom

    MES not working

    Hello all, I have a MES that I love. It is in a pole barn with a chimney running up and then out through the wall. That way I can smoke in the dry space year round. I discovered that condensation was forming in the chimney and would drip a bit back onto the top (right on the control panel)...
  6. Dane Wilson

    Meatloaf and Beans

    Going to make my first attempt at Meatloaf and baked beans in the smoker tonight. Any tips are very much appreciated. Using a Masterbuilt Electric smoker with apple chips today. Meatloaf is a mixture of ground beef and sausage, onions, peppers garlic, eggs and breadcrumbs. Seasoned with...
  7. Smoked_Ryno

    New to smoking but expert at eating!

    Hey everyone, I just got my first smoker as a housewarming gift. I have smoked chicken, ribs and sausage so far and it has been great! I have done a lot of reading on this forum and have found a lot of useful tips and tricks. Currently smoking a small 5lb. Brisket as we speak. Will post...
  8. R

    Queso cheese in sausage

    i was thinking about making some snack sticks this weekend and I was thinking about using queso cheese in it. Has anyone ever tried this and if so did it turn out?
  9. theyankeesmoker

    Masterfully electric smoker tips

    Good morning all. For the past two years I've been using a charcoal grill with offset smoker. After several amateur mistakes (smoking on top of wood, too much charcoal, too little charcoal, etc), I've master smoking the basics and learned the ins and outs of that baby. The better half finally...