How long to smoke a 10lb Boston Butt at 275

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  1. I picked up a 10lb boston butt and i would like to smoke it at 250-275 i was wounding how long would it take? I was all so wounding what wood would be the best to use,Dry rub and injecton ingredients would work the best for a boston butt, This is the first boston butt i have ever done and i would like some advice i would really be thankful for it


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  2. Smoke it until it has an internal temp of 195-205. Every peace of meat is different even it is the Same cut. Every smoker Cooks differenrly. I usually never go by time but internal temp. If you dont have à rub in particular try a mixture of onion garlic powder kosher salt black pepper and a little Brown sugar as a base for a rub. Any wood will do for pork since a butt is a very forgiving peace of meat. What Type of cooker do you have. Welcome to the Forum and dont forgetr the qview
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    Yeah, don't go by time. One might take 9 hours at your cook temp. Another maybe 11. Another.....well you get the idea. Cwalk has given a good basic rub....maybe add a little paprika and a little chile powder for a bit of heat. I don't inject butts as they have a lot of moisture in them, but you can if you like. Cook it to around 200 internal temp and then wrap it and rest it for an hour or more. Let just about any smoke flow pretty well for first 4 to 6 hours (careful if you use mesquite). The butt can take plenty. After that time it doesn't absorb near as much so don't get too concerned with smoke. Spritz with a little apple juice a few times during the cook and it will be great. Butts are pretty easy. Now one other thing....on a ten pounder you'll probably hit a pretty good stall. Even at 275. Dont panic. .stay patient and ride it out and you'll be a hero come dinner time.
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  4. The guys above are spot on. I'd plan 1.5 hrs per lb (plus or minus .5 hrs per lb) then ck for tenderness.
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    Noticed that this is your first post with us here at SMF.  Would you mind popping over to Roll Call and introduce yourself?

    Good luck with the pork!  The guys have given you good info!

  6. the boston butt is wraped now it went on smoke from 1130pm to 340 am now i have it wraped in foil at 225 i used hickey wood 
  7. Need pictures, wheressssss the qview
  8. this is it right as it came out of the smoker
  9. Way to go, looks like you smoked it until it fell apart when you pulled it out. Thts how i like mine. Awesome qview brother

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