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Discussion in 'Propane Smokers' started by crewdawg52, Jul 14, 2007.

  1. crewdawg52

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    By all means, I'm not trying to start a war here. But, how long does a 20 lb tank last for smokes? Do you keep a spare handy? I can get a full spare for $40 (includes tank & gas)

    I'm asking cause I'm just curious. Want to get another (without the better half knowing) and doing some research. I've only used wood or charcoal (except for the gas grill).
  2. ultramag

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    You should be able to get 24-36 hours or so on a 20 lb. tank. It will vary somewhat with the ambient conditions and of course what temp. you are smoking at. I can't speak for any gassers besides the GOSM Big Block, but when the wind was up you had to keep it humpin' to hold 225°-240°. This was even more true the cooler it gets. Cold itself takes very little away from the performance of the GOSM though.

    I always keep a spare around. What I did was buy a 30 lb. tank that I usually cook on and keep a 20 lb. for a spare. It's worked for me. It costs $12 and some change to fill the 30 lb. tank around here.
  3. crewdawg52

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    Great info Chad. Thanks many. Just worried about the wind. Back yard and deck face west (where I do all the smoking) and guess where all the weather comes from.....west to east. Got a handle with the WSM and kettle, but a gasser.... may need a wind break if I decide to go with one.
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    Depending on the gasser you get you should have no issues.

    My GOSM faces directly West and I have not had a single issue since May when I got it....I may have to fabricate a break for the Winter, but not until it is proven I need it.

    I have 2 - 20 gallon tanks. I keep one hooked to the GOSM and one to the gas frill which gets used hardly at all now. I average about 35 - 40 hours smoke time on a tank. When the GOSM tank goes dry - I swap out the grill tank in it's place.

    The price you are getting your tank for is average here - and the 30 gallon is $69 brand new filled.
  5. crewdawg52

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    After today, I know which type I'm gonna get...Don't tell Laura! BTW, what's a gas frill? [​IMG][​IMG] Still gonna shoot that darn deer!

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