How long can Eggs be kept?

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by inkjunkie, Sep 25, 2015.

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    Ernestina has a friend that keeps chickens. Lindapedias birds will often stop laying when we get very cold, they also stop laying when we are at the height of the summer. Lindapedia will often have 5-6 dozen of eggs. Ernie only takes what I will eat in a week or two, often times she will have to buy Eggs from a grocery store. They just aren't the same, the store bought Eggs produce a much whiter looking Omelet and are very bland compared to Lindapedias.
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    Months. They obviosuly taste better in the first couple of weeks. But they are safe to eat long after that.

    I remember storing eggs in the pantry when I was a kid. Even at the height of the summer.

    I saw this "survivalist" show: they would brush eggs with oil (mineral?) And stored them at room temp for 6 months. After 6 month they would start eating them and replenish the stock with fresh ones. Never eating a fresh egg.
  3. When you get the eggs, make sure they are unwashed and don't wash them till you use them. They will last weeks in cold storage, weeks upon weeks id you treat them right. Do the float test, if they don't sit on the bottom then they're bad. As long as they touch the bottom of the dish in some fashion they're still good.
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    Its really easy man, I always had 10/12/16 dozen eggs in cartons in what is now my project reefer when I had chickens.

    I tried diligently to ensure rotation but sometimes it just wasn't in the cards. I can say eggs should last thru the molting seasons. Its also a time when fleas are most likely, just dust the nests with Sevin 7 dust.

    Any person who has fresh eggs should learn to always crack the eggs into a small bowl before using. It really sux to crack and egg into a cake mix or anything you've already started mixing and have even a big ol'blood spot.

    The only ones I can remember that went bad, were last years Easter eggs when found with this years lawnmower....LOL

    When in the service we did a "Load out", and the fresh eggs were stored in the bilge instead of the reefer. they would last usually into the second month. But the break into the bowl rule was in effect.

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