How high is the water

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short one

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Feb 9, 2007
Northwest Missouri
Hello folks, I have been gone for a week and haven't had time to visit with you good folks. We had heavy rain here and north of us May 5 and 6. Have had several levy breaches and breaks in our area, and the fire department and local officials have bee very busy. I as assistant fire chief and the Mrs. as sec./treas. of the fire board and sec. of the local emergency planning committee have had several near sleepless nights and days in the last week. I am putting a web site here to show the village of Big Lake,Mo. which is 9 miles south of us along the Missouri River. We were able to keep water out of our town, except for seep water which we were able to keep pumped out with a 12" pump which we borrowed form the conservation department. Sorry I haven't been arround and hope this finds all well and I'll be back as soon as time and schedule will allow.
Wow, what a mess Steve, those pictures really bring it home. Had the unfortunate experience to be flooded out some years back and remember the HUGE cleanup that followed....nope not a pleasent experience at all.
Good to know that there are folks like you and your wife out thier fighting the good fight and helping out folks in need.

Check in when you can.
Been there and done that buddy. I've spent most all my life within 30 miles of the Mississippi river and have been through more floods than I can count. I know its a mess but at least it is all rebuildable. Us river rats are hard to keep down.
ill take some of that rain off your hands thanks , all you can spare we are in our worst drought on record here. there is not a local around here that would not back a good flood .
Here's another site with pics of the flooding in Big Lake. They are planning to allow people back in around the lake tomorrow to start clear up operations if they have anything left to clean. Water is down around home and things are getting back to normal around here. Just hoping for no big rains here or north as the levies have big holes which need repairing, which makes everyone a little edgy until they can repair the breaks in the levies.
What a tragedy, glad you are okay shortone...and kudos to people like you and your mrs. being there for others !!
I've got to agree with johno. I'd sure be glad to take some of that water off your hands. We've been having forest fires etc. all over the region. Drought is a bad thing. Too bad we can't average things out. Our thoughts are with you.
i always wonder why people even live in the mississippi missouri river valley ( same as they wonder why i live in hurricane country-but here we have air boats in case of flooding...just wonder why y'all have bass boats - but then again my brother lives in hawaii on the volcano island.....wherever we go- there we are...
To catch bass from! LOL

No matter where you live, it's always something. Son lives in Ft. Lauderdale and is on water rationing, can't water the grass, Dang! I can't keep mine mowed it is growing so fast.
We have gone from dry as a bone for 3 years to lots of rain. The weather cycles around, take it as it comes.
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