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Discussion in 'Roll Call' started by dantra, Jun 1, 2015.

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    Planning to build a standard smoker (not RF) out of materials that we have laying around where I work... lotsa misc machinery crap out in our "bone yard". So far I've scored a 120 gallon air tank, misc steel parts etc. The goal here is to have a it done in a few weeks for a car club get together and have zero dollars inversted! Altho, I may have to spend a few bucks here and there for a thermometer or something...

    I'll try to find the correct area to start a build thread and get some pointers from the pros. I was originally just going to put it together modeling on a factory built smoker we have at our facility but once again, my OCD has stepped in and won't allow that to happen.
  2. dantra

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    Actually, I have a quick question...

    What are the advantages and disadvatages to s traight through smoker and a reverse flow?

    At this point, I can go about either way but my original intention was just a side burner for smoking on occasion and charcoal on most other occasions. My tank is a 24" diameter and was originally almost 6' long. I cut a 20" section off for the fire box leaving about 4' of grill.
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