Home Depot and Lowes Kingsford Blue Bag Charcoal Sale Memorial Day 2018

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Home Depot and Lowes both have the 2x18.6lb bundle of KBB on sale for $9.88. HD is limiting purchases to 5. Lowes doesn't publish their limits, but there is usually a sign at the store stating how many you can buy. Whether you can purchase more in one trip just depends on the store, so ask before you load up your cart.

Royal Oak Lump is still $9.97 for a 15.44 lb bag at Home Depot. Last year the price increased after Memorial Day, back to the regular $12.97/bag. It has been on sale for most of the Spring. $9.97/bag may be a permanent price. Only time will tell.

Lowes has ended their $4/15.4 lb bag sale on RO Ridge briquettes. It is now back to their regular price of $5.99/bag. Last year the $4/bag sale did not return all season.

If you are a Ridge fan, HD "Embers" is their store brand for RO Ridge at $4.97/15.4 lb bag. Walmart has 16 lb bags of "Expert Grill" for $4.92/16 lb bag. It is their store brand for RO Ridge.

Remember the reason for Memorial Day as you feed your family. Thank those who continue to give their all for each of us.
I was doing a smoke over memorial day and needed to pick up a bag or two, so I went to Lowe's and discovered this sale. My wife was surprised to see me return with 200lb of charcoal! But, at 50% off it's almost a sin not to buy the limit!
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I love the low ash from the Royal Oak lump but the cost and consistency from the Embers and even the Walmart Expert branded ridge are just keeping me from using that lump. There is a massive difference in the ash from lump to briquettes. It really does shock me how different it is. I even tried a couple of brands of lump to begin with other than Royal Oak but none of them seemed to burn as clean. I might pick up a couple of bags of that lump while it's still a bit less expensive. Thanks for the heads up on the prices.

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