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Original poster
Apr 3, 2014
La Grande OR
Just wondering how to regulate the heat in these types of smokehouses. I do know of people that have burned them down. We are wanting to build one of these and we were wondering if there was some sort of damper that is needed..... Or a heat regulator 
What type of smokehouse are you talking about? Will need a bit more info other than "these" smokehouses.

What is your heat/fuel source (electric/gas/charcoal/wood) and what is your smoke source (the fuel/smoke generator/etc.)?

What is your smokehouse/smoker constructed of (wood/metal/old appliance/etc.)?

Heat regulation and fire prevention all depend on a lot of different variables, the more information you could provide the better information you will get. The really good news is that there has been just about every type of build done by someone on this site, so the information is definitely here.
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