Hi, new guy here

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Jan 27, 2014
Pensacola, FL / New Orleans, LA
Hey everyone,

   I wanted to take a few minutes to introduce myself to y'all.  My name is Jeff, I currently live in Pensacola, Fl (I'm a transplant from New Orleans - compliments of Katrina).  I'm married with 3 sons and 3 dogs and always looking for my next great adventure.  Growing up in south Louisiana, I developed a love of food, fishing, and hunting.  What better way to combine them then cooking???  I have been grilling for several years, but am a rookie when it comes to smoking foods.  I have played with a few smokers - a cheap-o brinkman canister type smoker and a few electric smokers - but they were not what i was looking for.  I have been researching and I am about to purchase my first offset smoker.  I will be buying an Old Country offset smoker and I had a question that I really hope I can get some help with.  There are 2 models that I have been looking at - the Wrangler ($499) and the Pecos ($399).  The question that I have is how important is a top shelf in the smoker?  The Wrangler is smaller, but it has a top shelf, is made of higher grade steel and is $100 more.  Naturally, I have to figure that one is better because it's more expensive.  The Pecos has a larger cooking surface, but no top shelf.  I apologize if this seems like a ridiculous question, I feel pretty green asking it, but any input would be greatly appreciated.  I'm anxious to get started on this new hobby and look forward to learning and sharing as much as I can on this forum.  Anyone else happen to be from my area?
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Welcome, I think there are some folks here that have the Old Country smokers and I'am sure they will be around soon to help ya and give ya their two cents. WHB
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Howdee Howdee Beeritself, nice to meet you.

This the welcome area, where you learn about the secret handshakes and passwords and stuff. The site has a pretty good review area that might help you, also if you start a tread in the general discussion area you'll soon be overwhelmed with insight I am sure.

Since I read your opening, I know where you live, but my memory is no longer than my..... well any other part of my body. So if ya would click the "My Profile" Icon up on the taskbar. Please take a few mins. to let us where you lay your weary head at night, so we don't have to keep asking when we talk. See geographic region means a lot when in a discussion (don't expect a good discussion about grits from a Hawaiian). 'Course now I am going to get hammered by the one who loves grits!

Enjoy yourself, you'll like the folks, they are really good people.

Welcome and nice to meet ya.
Will do.  I see you're in South Louisiana - where about?  I grew up in New Orleans and now live 3 hours away but get back there a few times a month.  I usually head a little further south down near Port Sulfur to get my fishing fix and blast a few ducks when the season permits.
Hello and welcome from East Texas. This is a great site, lots of information and great people that are willing to throw in their two cents worth on about anything.   
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Welcome to SMF, Jeff. Don't worry about asking ridiculous and/dumb questions. Around here we tell folks that the only ridiculous/dumb questions are the one that don't get asked. With a boatload of experienced and knowledgeable folks on here, you're bound to get an answer or two or three.

Enjoy the Smoke!

Nice rig.  I just bought the same pit myself on Monday!  Seasoned it last night and was happy that the temperature ranged from 220° to 280° throughout the process.  I've been eyeing these Wrangler pits for the last couple years, but I was stuck with a Chargriller Pro.  Can't wait to cristen the OC Wrangler with some baby backs this weekend.
Beer...sounds like you've got'er pretty well broken in now. My first cook consisted of three racks of baby backs and a standing rib roast. I was real happy with the temperature control. I bought a set up nearly identical to the Maverick. It's made by Ivation and looks exactly the same. I used it yesterday and it worked very well. It's nice being able to monitor the grate temp from inside the house. I miscalculated my rib cook time and they got a little dry. I had to cook the prime rib medium well for the masses, but it turned out nice (first time)

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Hey Jeff

Welcome to the Smoking  forum.   You’ll find great , friendly people here, all more than willing to answer any question you may have.  Just ask and you’ll get about 10 different answers—all right.  LOL.   Don’t forget to post qviews.  BTW the food looks great

Those ribs looked amazing. ! Where do you get your meat from? There is a place in Pensacola called evermans . If you haven't Been there yet you have to go. Everything is local and organic. Also the pallofox walk every Saturday there is a booth there where you can order beef and pork all locally harvested in pace and Milton area. And as I mentioned before the guy there who sells every kind of smoking wood you can think of. He sells them in little paper brown sacks but he also carries the bigger variety wood chunks for off sets too . But keeps it hidden at his truck? Just have to ask him about it. Lol it's like a drug deal but with wood. Or that's how I felt any way walking over to his truck.
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