Hi all

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Jun 22, 2007
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Hi to all!
Well hi everyone!
I'm new here but have been reading the forums for awhile. I've been grilling for some time but now I want to try grilling/smoking. I have been doing some research on smokers and am really confused. My overall budget is only $250 and I have several in mind. I will be grilling and will only "purely smoke" maybe 4-6 times a year. I do like an adjustable charcoal tray. I have done indirect cooking in the past. Here's what I've found and any input would be greatly appriciated

1. Chargriller Pro Smoker - seems nice and the price is right, but I've been told it will need some modifications to work correctly. Also, I've been told it is made with thin metal.
2. Bar-B-Chef - come highly recommended, but I'll need to drive 300 miles round trip, and is it really worth the extra $$, grate does not adjust, it's a pure smoker.
3. The others fall in between, Hundo, Silver Smoker, and the Charlbriol double door.
4. Also Royal Oak has a new one that's the Big Joe, supposedly designed by Joe Davidson, but although WalMart has it, it's not assembled so I can't tell the quality.
5. I also looked at the Landman Black Dog which is nice but only a grill, I guess I could indirect cook.
Also, anything I have to have shipped will put me out of my price range, so I'm stuck buying something at a Lowes, Home Depot, or other local stores. And in my area, grill stores don't exist.

Any info/help would be gratefully appriciated.
Welcome to SMF FlaGriller. Give us some idea of what you want. Do you want a dedicated smoker or a grill / smoker? Do you want to use charcoal / wood for your heat or will you be okay with gas or electric? Do you want to buy the special biscuits for the bradleys or would you rather go some place local for wood.

Next do you want a horizontal unit or a vertical one. Black or stainless? Are you willing / able to make some mods to make the unit perform better?

Sooo many questions to make things easier on you. Break it down a bit and let us know so we can help you make a decision.

Keep Smokin
Welcome to SMF! You will find that everyone here is quick to help with the wuestions posted here. I am a newbi too, so I can't answer your question, but I did want to say, "Hi & Welcome!"
Ok, thanks. I would like a grill/smoker as I'll only smoke 4-6 times a year. If possible and adjustable charcoal tray/grate. Prefer charcoal/wood and I have a place locally to get wood. I like horizonal and not stainless. I can make some mods, but I can't weld. I would like it to be sturdy enough so that I could make a wood fire in the main cook area and grill steaks over an open flame, this might require some reinforcing of the bottom of the cook chamber.
Yes, as a newbee price is an issue, I'd like to keep it under $300 out the door.
This is why I've been leaning towards the Chargriller Pro. The Royal Oak one at WalMart also looks interesting, But I can't find any info on it. Now, I also saw a Kingsford KB800 grill I can get for $60-75, it has a smoke stack and is a barrel grill which I could do grilling then put wood on one side to smoke towards the end. Same with the Black Dog, OHHH my head hurts.
Any help is appriciated. Jim
Welcome aboard FlaGriller! Glad you got out of lurk mode and decided to join us!

I have the CharGriller and love it. Yes, I have modded the crap out of mine, but you can get by with a couple simple mods that are posted in the forums... mainly the chimney mod and either flipping the charcoal tray or adding a baffle. I added a permanent baffle to mine, which forces me to use it strictly as a smoker because the charcoal tray won't fit anymore. That's okay though, I grill on my Weber...

Have fun and good luck in your decision making!
Hi FlaGriller!...Welcome to the SMF!...
Glad to have you aboard!...

Check out the GOSM or Great Outdoors Smoky Mountain smoker here!...

Lots of folks on the forums use these with GREAT results!...

Wally World at their dot com has the same even cheaper...I couldn't get their site to come up or I would've given a link to it.

Hope this helps!...

Again...Welcome aboard!...
With the criteria you have listed and from the units you have brought up I would probably lean toward the CharGriller Pro. If you are willing to wait on shipping you can go through the Smoking Meat Store and get it for 189.00 and free shipping plus the Smoking-Meat.com gets a little bit out of the sale too. Use that price to compare with what you have seen locally.
Cool, thanks. My local Lowes has it for $149.99 now. I was also leaning towards that one too.
But I wanted to chaeck out all options.
Welcome to to SMF FlaGriller!!! Sounds like PigCicles has you on the right path so just enjoy the forums and let us know what you get.
That's a great price... does that include the SFB? The Lowes here in town is boasting one at $119, but the fine print reads no SFB included. They want another $60 (I think) for the SFB.
WOOHOO!!! Congrats on the new baby! You are gonna love it!

Got any questions, be sure to ask...
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