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Feb 10, 2007
Salt Lake City
I'm originally from New York but live in Salt Lake, most of my smoking has been with a smoker box in my gas grill Cherry is my favorite wood, as of late I've taken up in-door smoking. I'm using a VillaClassic indoor smoker, although any heavy covered roasting pan or dutch oven will work or even a wok, just improvise a tray to catch the juices that sits above the wood chips and a meat rack and your set to go.;-)

You need only a couple of tablespoons of wood chips on the bottom of the pan to smoke stuff, heat on stove over med to high heat till the wood starts to smoke and then cover, most things are ready in about 35 to 45 minutes. Presently I've been "baking" potatoes in it 45 minutes to an hour with hickory, they really taste great and I've been doing a lot of chicken in it.;)
Welcome to SMF bob.e!!! Don't know much about indoor smokers. I guess I'll have to either get you outside to brave the Wasatch winter or learn about your VillaClassic. :p
welcome to the forums....indoor smoking....hummmmm not enough room to smoke enough at a time :p but it does work in a pinch.....
Actually the VillaClassic Smoker will hold a fair amount I did 9 chicken thighs the other day I've done a 5 lb bag of potatoes another night and unlike other stovetop smokers it's versatile, you can use it as an oven roaster, or a stovetop sauce pot. cleanup is simple I quicly hand wash the tray and rack and put in the dishwasher, as for the pot itself just let it cool, dump out the wood ash and quickly hand wash, and you just fire it up and most things are done in 35 to 45 minutes, just cover it and walk away till the time is up, it makes your house smell like you have a fireplace and a little smoke may escape, but it's so easy I use it several times a week. So you can make a quick meal in about an hour in it with no hard prep, were addicted to doing smoked baked potatoes (hickory or cherry) in it, 45 minutes to an hour. and the leftover potatoes are great sliced and fried for breakfast.
Wecome to the SMF bob.e. I'm not familar with indoor smoking , but allways willing to learn about somthing new. Maybe we can interest you in trying it outside the low and slow way :D Looking foward to reading your posts!!
Welcome aboard Bob,

Never tried one of those contraptions but I have watched Emeril and some other chefs on tv use them. Looks interesting. Maybe you can show us some pics and sway some of the doubters over.:p
Welcome to SMF bob.e, I live in the Salt Lake Valley meown self. I'm so far west that I'm a stones throw from the Oquirrh Mountains. Rodger's right we'll have to get you outside to enjoy the balmy weather.
Welcome bob.e, glad to have you with us! Smoking inside sounds good to me, I just worry about the house getting all "smoked up"... Sounds like it works for you, and that's really all that matters. Keep (indoor) smoking!!
it might set off a smoke detector but as i said it's makes your house smell like a fireplace i'll try to find a link to the site with picture i've downloaded the owners manual try googleing villaclassic indoor smoker cooking guide. stovetop smoker no. 8-280
Welcome Bob.e -

Indoor smoking you say? Hmm sounds interesting right about now. My ECB in buried 2" in ice! Have you tried meat in this thing?
I will gladly open a section for indoor smoking if there is enough interest.. it's really not my thing personally but from what I hear, it is quite the rage in a lot of circles.

I guess whatever floats your boat and gets the smoke applied to the food
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