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Discussion in 'Roll Call' started by baxter, Dec 21, 2015.

  1. Hey I'm Baxter,

    I currently live in New Zealand but from Washington/Oregon originally. Also lived in FL and CA.  I have spent 2 years perfecting a line of bbq, teriyaki  and hot sauces I made since I couldn't find any decent ones over here that were gluten free. My sauces are great and just about to go into stores over here, but now I would also like to concentrate on smoking meats and eventually becoming a pit master. I have a "charbroil smoker" (brand) currently, and have a hard time keeping the temp down. I don't have the side fire box as thats $225. (we are way out here middle Earth). I will be looking to gain more experience, try out recipes and try cooking everything under the sun. Brisket sounds really interesting. Been doing some ribs, pulled pork. But I don't think I am anywhere near true American Southern bbq.  I would love to travel back to the USA and go to some competitions and learn from the best out there, but it is an ocean away and a few thousand dollars. In the meantime I will be soaking in as much information as possible and having a blast on weekends trying out new ways of seasoning and cooking things! Any helping hands appreciated!
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    Baxter, welcome to SMF!  As the wind is howling outside with some much needed rain here in Northern CA I am imagining the warm summer beaches in New Zealand.  Never been there but it is the first day of summer for you and the first day of winter for us.  I'll never complain about winters in NorCal compared to the winters in the Midwest, Northeast, Canada, or Alaska, but it is still fun to imagine sunny beaches this time of year.    

    That said, you have a wealth of knowledge here to access so you can perfect your skills.  Have fun, it is all free!


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