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    I  bought my husband a smoker for Christmas.  He  really wanted one.  He has tried to  smoke chicken and turkey wings and each time the  meat  is tough so tough that we are unable to eat it. What is he doing  wrong?  I thought maybe it was because he seasoned the meat first or that he smoked it too long at too high a temp..
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    Welcome to SMF, Vpeep1. In order for us to better help you, we need to know what type of smoker you bought for him and it's fuel source (ie: propane, electric, charcoal or wood).

    First off -for the majority of cheap smokers-DO NOT TRUST the themometer that came with the unit. They are notorious for being WRONG right out of the box.  Some but not all can be calibrated to read properly. Most thermometers I have dealt with have been off by as much as +/-50°. Get a good digital probe thermometer or buy a better grade door thermometer.

    Let us know what the smoker and the fuel source is and someone will be along to help you with your question.

    Also-invite you Hubby to join the forum and both of you sign up for the free 5 Day eCourse. It is chock full of useful information and tips. 
  3. Welcome  Vpeep1 they are great here and I read my 1st E-Course page today very interesting. Ask any question and someone has the answer and read,read,read lots of great information on here never give up so much to learn
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    Welcome to the forum. I think Dutch has the right idea, your stock facotory thermometer is probably off by 50-100°. So if you husband thought he was smoking at 250° for 3 hrs., he might actuall have been cooking at 300-350° for 3 hrs. (or whatever time) and ended up making jerky.

    I recomend the e-course, and if you can let us know more about the smoker, the temps he cooked at, and how long.
  5. Yeah The Boys are right... Try a new thermometer also grab a trusty one for your meat... And working with poultry you should Brine or Inject it first... Good Luck!
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    A digital thermo fer the smoker, a digital thermo fer the meat, brine them birds, smoke em at around 300° smoker temp till the thickest part a the meat (breast er thigh) hits 165°.  Yall will have some fine chicken, an remember the great thing bout this craft, ya get ta eat the results!  Keep tryin yall will get it!
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    Yep, What they all said. It WILL get better, just stick with it. You'll get all the help you need here.

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