help with temperature control system

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Dec 6, 2016
Hi there.

My husband has a green egg which he enjoys. He also recently got one of those black/metal like side smokers. He is wanting to get a temperature control system...because we have that problem where the thermometer is too high on the outside compared to where it should be.  He knows about the digiq system that green egg has....which is pretty expensive for a temp system I think. Also, I don't know if this system works for this kind of a side smoker easily? What other brands are good and reputable for a temp control system? Thanks in advance!
In my opinion the BBQ Guru is worth every penny.

I bought one several years ago for my WSM.

It has worked flawlessly, without even a small problem.

I've never even had to replace a probe wire.

I have an offset now too & it works just as well on it, the only difference being I still have to feed it wood every hour, but the temp I set the Guru at will hold rock steady all through the smoke.

Agree with Al...x2 on the BBQ Guru.  I use a DigiQ DX2 in my gravity fed charcoal smoker and love it.

Your inquiry about how well it would work in your husband's side firebox smoker sorta depends on the smoker.  If it's a less expensive pit from one of the big box stores, it's probably not very air tight.  Those Gurus really need a fairly air tight system to function at their best, where to only air your fire gets is the air provided by the Guru fan.

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