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  1. Ok so last week I smoked pepperoni sticks and ring bologna. Everything turned out PERFECT! OR SO I THOUGHT!!.

    Yesterday my wife comes home with a ring of bologna from the local farmers market !!! I couldn't believe my eyes !!

    When I asked her what she was thinking she said there was no way that mine tastes like what you buy at the store.

    I felt like she was cheating on me !! So this weekend I am planning on making baby backs. Can anyone help me with

    this meal ? I need a recipe from start to finish. I make country style ribs soaked in Dr. Pepper and they are very good but I have never smoked baby backs before. I want something that will knock her socks off !!! Thanks in advance for any input
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    The choice of rub that you use will be the biggest factor on flavor in my opinion. I love Jeff's rub. His sauce is killer too. Very much worth the pennies. I just made some country style ribs with his rub yesterday and everyone just loved them.
  3. Thanks timberjet those look amazing ! but what's in the pork rub , it doesn't give any info, or is it store bought ?
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  5. Thanks timberjet I'm gonna order that this week. Cant go wrong from what the reviews say ,And it helps with the site, I like that. I will also

    be purchasing his book at B&N this week , You can never have to many books when it comes to smoking meats.
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    I did all that and have never regretted it. Glad I could help you out.
  7. One more thought Throw that Bologna on the smoker it's great

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    So far i've used the 3-2-1 method. Check out some other posts here and Jeff's method. I start by removing the membrane on the back side. I rub the ribs with prepared mustard and sprinkle on my rub. Let it set while you get your smoker up to the right temperature. Smoke the ribs for 3 hours. Next wrap the ribe in HD aluminum foil meat side down and add some apple juice. Seal them up and cook for two hours. Remove the ribs from the foil and cook for one more hour. I usually put sauce on half the ribs I'm cooking and the other's I just finish cooking . You can also put sauce on the side when they are served. Most of my family likes the natural flavor and skip the sauce. Enjoy
  9. Thanks guys I'll let you know the outcome. think I am gonna do that 3-2-1 that BBQ1950 spoke of
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    3-2-1 is for spares.  You will want to go 2-2-1 for baby back.  Remember, that this is also a guideline, not anything set in stone. Also, when you wrap, add some brown sugar and some butter (some people will use squeeze butter, I prefer real butter).  Depending on how hot you are running the smoker, you may pull the wrapped ribs at 1.5 hours or 2. Check them at 1.5 hours.  Unwrap one and give one of the bones a gentle tug.  If the bone feels like it could slide out easily, they are done with the wrapping.  Then put them back on the smoker unwrapped for about an hour or you can do the bend test ( or toothpick. 

    If you are going to sauce while in the smoker, you can save that for the last 20-30 minutes.
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