Help smoking corned beef!

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Feb 22, 2013
How long should i smoke a 2.64 pound corned beef brisket for pastrami?
Give it time, you'll get your answers. You might try reading through the forum and using the search bar. there are quite a few posts on pastrami here already. A quick search of just the one word yields 2318 results.

That being said, a little more info would also be useful. For starters, is it a point or a flat? Next, what type of smoker are you using? Is it capable of higher temps? Do you want to do low and slow or hot and fast?

For me, a hot and fast (300˚) smoke of a piece of brisket that size takes about 4 hours to reach 195˚. Others do it at 225˚, some go even lower. Some take it to 165˚ and wrap it, others take it to 165˚ and then steam it. I believe the steam or wrap method is more beneficial for a flat than a point, as the point usually has enough marbling to handle a straight smoke.

Once you figure out your plan of attack, please come back and post your methods and results. This forum is a 2 way street. By posting your cook and any successes or failures, you're adding to the knowledge base so others who come after you might benefit from your experience, then in turn, share theirs.

Good luck and let us know how it turns out!
I smoked at a temp of around 250.

Once IT was 150  ( about 3 hours )  I wrapped in foil with beef broth and took to a IT of 190.
Mine took 3 hours to get to 150 IT.

Then about another 1 hour in foil to hit 190 IT.
Sorry i dont get why you need to no what smoker im using but im using a weber smokey mountain and its 2.64 pound corned beef brisket. so how long do i smoke it and at what temp.
Sorry i dont get why you need to no what smoker im using but im using a weber smokey mountain and its 2.64 pound corned beef brisket. so how long do i smoke it and at what temp.
You need to smoke/ cook to internal temps, not necessarily time as each cut of meat will do it's own thing as far as time goes.  There are no absolutes and all your questions have been answered in past posts. What more are you looking for???

You can go the hot and fast route or the low and slow route, Both work. It's just a matter of personal preference. Best of luck with whichever you choose. It's all good.

Speaking for myself to why we want to know what you're smoking on...with smokers, it's what style...offset?  Kettle?  Kamado?  Electric?  If we were into cars, we'd be asking the same questions about what you have under the hood even if you asked for help with the's just what we like!  Many folks here are fanatics, and will go to great lengths to tell you what they learned the hard way...but as mdboatbum said, it helps to know where you're coming chef, or (like me), guy who can barely light a'll get great answers either way, but the most useful answers need to know where to start.
If you are planning on smoking one of those corned beef briskets that are pre-brined and ready to boil, you might want to consider soaking it a few times and changing the water out to remove the brine.  I soaked mine for 4 hours and thought it was still quite salty when I tried one of those.  Also, in retrospect, I would have probably had better results with a temp. probe. is reader supported and as an Amazon Associate, we may earn commissions from qualifying purchases.

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